portrait of a girl who had too much sugar


Camped out at Laduree on the Rue Royal, Paris. I don't actually like macarons and would take Pierre Herme ones over Laduree's any day (Americano Pamplemousse! Be mine!). But you can't beat Laduree if you want to revel in that "I am in Paris" glow. And need a snack.

I'm home and in the middle of clearing the 400+ emails that landed in my phone (I thought switching off push-mail would mean I'd never have to see them, but no) when I touched down, but can't wait to share more from my trip.


K. said…
Really lovely photo! Cannot wait to see your updates :) x
Wow are you in a pastry shop or Versaille??!! ;) So much gold!
Joy said…
Whoa this is crazy. Have fun in Paris!!
hannah-rose said…
YOU'RE BACK!! ahhh I've been missing your blog. Laduree is fantastic just to get into a paris kind of mood. I always get the religeuse a la rose when I'm there anyway not macarons - why go to all the wait of securing a table if you're not going to eat some ridiculous frivolous pastry??

I can't wait to see more from your trip!! So glad you had a wonderful time. :)

Lindsay K said…
Glad your back home safe and that you enjoyed your trip. This portrait is fantastic.

Your right there's nothing like unwinding over a decadent fancy pastry at Laduree.

Can't wait to hear more about your trip.
miss sophie said…
oooh do post photos from your trip! i can never get enough of paris. i think i need to plan a return trip this year...it should be a yearly pilgrimmage, no? :)
Ammu said…
Love it :) Welcome back!
lin said…
K: I used the guide posted on your blog for inspiration and visited the Wright Brothers. Unbelievable oysters and incredible wine...Thanks for the recommendation!

Pret a Porter P: I was actually quite shocked too, I think the one I visited before on the Champs Elysees wasn't as crazy. It was a little like sitting in Faberge egg.

Joy: Thanks, I did!

Hannah-Rose: Aww, thanks. I was very boring and had a lemon tart - I can never resist a lemon tart! Even though I've learnt to make a decent one, hah.

Lindsay K: Thanks! Yes sitting down felt good, especially after waiting in line - there are so many Ladurees in Paris now and yet the lines are longer than ever. And every tourist on the street was toting a bag of their macarons...they've become a mega brand now, but it's still a charming experience. Did you get some for your birthday in the end?

miss sophie: I realised how much I enjoy Paris on this trip - 4 years was a good absence for me to make this trip feel extra special. Especially since I took advantage of the good exchange rate earlier this year and bought euros at a very good rate, so it made this trip almost a smart economical choice. At least that's how I justified my shopping...

Ammu: Thanks! Surprisingly, I missed blogging, even if I didn't miss looking at a computer screen.
Maja Piraja said…
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog a few days ago and have spent so much time reading your archives - I love it. Am following you on Bloglovin´ from now on :)
Lindsay K said…
Yes I did:)

I feel that wy about a lot of things when I travel, but everytime I visit Paris I notice that more stores are springing up.
lin said…
Maja Piraja: Thanks!

Lindsay K: I didn't shop as much in Paris as I thought I would, it was all fall/winter stuff I couldn't wear here, so I guess that's good for my wallet. I will plan a spring time trip next time!

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