notes for november


  • My dark selvedge denim jeans. I’ve been wearing my softer, more beaten up jeans all year, but it’s high time I continue to break in my 4-years-old-but-still-paper-crisp denims. The gorgeous inky colour is the perfect way to change the mood of my usual denim-and-shirt outfits – sharp and crisp.
  • The “Drive” soundtrack. Saw the movie last week, and can’t stop humming “Real Hero” by College. Oh, the movie was good too.
  • “Community”. Please bring it back, NBC.
  • Two new soft bras from COS. So comfortable, pretty but sleek.
  • Jo Malone’s “Vintage Gardenia” cologne. One year on, I’m still in love with this perfume. It has a way of bringing back certain memories. Should probably do a separate post on this one.Link
And I leave you with this fine quote from a Robin Browne*:

"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."

* - This quote has apparently been mistakenly attributed to Stephen King and Andrew Futral. I can't say with 100% certainty it was Robin Browne but I'm pretty sure it's not Stephen King, and since Andrew Futral says it was Robin Browne, then I'm taking his word for it...

EDIT - A postscript: I just realised my post title sounds awfully like Joy's (I knew it seemed too familiar when I banged out this post). Yes, I'm unoriginal, guilty as charged!


LOL! but true. Someone told me that harry potter quote too. Though I must admit I'd rather watch the Twilight movies--just because they're easier for me to follow. Can never remember Hufflepuffwho of Snagglepuffwhat is between the Harry Potter movies (I don't read the books).
L.L. said…
Eek! It is not Stephen King? Well whoever said it is quoteworthy.

I've been looking for some selvedge denim. What's your opinion on APC?

I've been listening to the Drive soundtrack for 2 weeks now. I left the movie unable to talk for 30 minutes. It's just amazing!

Fellow Community lover unite! I think some people suggested attacking the NBC building with paintballs

Jo Malone! I usually find freesias to smell too artificial but somehow her freesia and english pear doesn't.
Amanda said…
I need to start watching Community. And also, randomly, I have a crazy crush on Ryan Gosling. =D
BENAH said…
ha! I love that quote, I've heard it before and had a little chuckle. also how good are cos bras? did you stock up in Paris? Amazing. Everything they do is fantastic in my books. :)

lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I've only watched the first Twilight movie. I was at home and it was TV, and I only made it 30 minutes into the movie before I changed channels. It's completely unfathomable and uninteresting to me. But I'm intrigued by those who love it.

And although I think it's irrelevant to compare the two series, I'm incidentally, a Harry fan. I like complicated "quest" stories.

L.L: I tried to find out when Stephen King said it, but while there was a lot about what else he said about Twilight, there was nothing about this except from some fan pages which didn't attribute a source (when and where and why). I think if a high profile person like him said it, it should have showed up on all the usual gossip news pages when I Googled.

But yes, well-said. Haha.

My feelings about APC and the creator are as described in the post just before this, haha.

But to speak strictly of their denim, they are very attractively designed but their denim is not actually the good stuff woven in Japan that people rave about, so that alone makes it not worth the price. The stitching I've seen is acceptable, but not better than other brands priced the same.

I'm not really familiar with most brands, so I'm sorry I can't help that much. I bought mine before I knew what selvedge denim meant, haha, because I was working at Diesel. I'm happy with the fabric (Japanese mill, though I dunno which one) and stitching (made in Italy) but this was 5 years ago and I can't speak for their denim now.

Bear in mind there's a lot more choice for men than for women, so that's definitely a better avenue to start with.

Between Uniqlo and Gap, I've read that Gap is better in terms of quality, but Uniqlo has better choice in terms of colours and cuts. But Uniqlo doesn't work for me in terms of sizing (I have that problem with Jap labels). The Uniqlo one doesn't feel as nice as my Diesel ones, but you can't beat the price, if that's your main concern. I've never tried the Gaps.

3sixteen is very famous if you can spend US$200 for a pair - a friend of mine has a pair and the fabric is beautiful, and the finishings make you ache.

I tried Nudie's selvedge jeans for men before and really liked them, and the quality is great - Japanese weave, made in Italy. They seemed like a really good deal for jeans in that price bracket (abt same price as APC) because the quality is pretty good. Also Nudie is much easier to find than all the cult brands, so that's important if you don't have access to say, Barney's denim section for starters.

Amanda: Community is like a slow-growing love affair. If you like Parks and Recreation and similar, it's definitely worth checking out.

Who doesn't have a crazy crush on Ryan Gosling, hahaha. I used to find his voice annoying but I;m starting to look past that. And you need to see his dog.

Benah: I did buy them in Paris. The fit is surprisingly good for me, since soft bras can be tricky. I found the fabric a little delicate though, so I bought just three - I actually need new bras, I don't usually buy so many underwear at a go! I think I actually liked their underwear section most.
Joy said…
You're not unoriginal! It's just GMTA haha though you're the better blogger by far. So glad you're equally in love with the soundtrack of Drive as well. I find "Nightcall" by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx super addictive as well. This post also reminds me I should get a new pair of jeans as mine is completely in tatters.
G said…
I used to work for a man who would ask me, probably once a week, who I would choose between Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson. Perhaps next time I have to choose that will be my response.

Those COS bras are so simple and perfect!
lapindelune said…
Daniel all that way for me! He's a sweetheart:)

Love the darker jeans, although this only serves to remind me how unlucky I have been searching for the right pair. I always find that if they fit well in one area, they fit badly in another, which I have heard is rather common (i hope!). But I am really drawn to the darker indigo at the moment, they are just a tad less 'casual', and make for a sleeker look overall.
Garderoben said…
Love the quote, even though I have to confess I'm going to watch Breaking Dawn on Saturday, haha! I really have to make sure I catch drive as well.
lin said…
Joy: I had to Google "GMTA" (my age is showing). But anyway, I agree. Hahahha. I love "Nightcall" too, and Desire's "Under your Spell".

G: Oh, if you had discovered this quote earlier!

lapindelune: Buying jeans are difficult, I agree. I had the happy luck of working at Diesel so all we did was try jeans when we were free, which a) helped us explain the cut to customers better and b) figure out what works best on us!

Personally I like my jeans best when they're worn in and faded, but the indigo wash is definitely more versatile and workplace friendly.

garderoben: Drive will definitely be a good counterbalance to Breaking Dawn.
miss sophie said…
on board with all the love for R. Gosling. he's got quite a thread on Jezebel too. so funny.

i'm really curious about COS, after seeing your posts on it. i am always on the lookout for wire-free bras! :)

that Robin Browne quote is so right on. i am so ready for the Twilight franchise to end.
Eva said…
LOL at that quote, I used to think Harry Potter was cheesy sometimes, but I had no idea of the upcoming disaster that was Twilight.

Can't wait for your Vintage Gardenia post!
lin said…
miss sophie: I find the workmanship a little less sturdy than similar bras, and I think I should have just bought one, haha. Holiday shopping tends to fudge my senses. The chiffon is just a little more fragile than I would like.

eva: I'm working on it!
Aïssa said…
I'm also "driving" everyone crazy with my nonstop listening of Drive soundtrack! :))
Now I don't know why I stopped watching Community last year... Miss Abed and Troy crazyness.
Fashion Tidbits said…
Oooooh those bras look divine! Can't wait for your vintage gardenia post too
Ginta said…
I love Under Your Spell by Desire from Drive also. It's the other song I'd listen non stop. Both songs just make me smile.
I guess now I need to try Vintage Gardenia. I'm always look for the perfect Gardenia fragrances maybe this one could be the one. :)
lin said…
aissa: Abed and Troy are so good together, I love how natural their camaraderie is.

fashion tidbits: I will try to get down to it!

ginta: I really love this one. Another gardenia-ish fragrance I like is Estee Lauder Private Collection. I think that's more tuberose but it's close.

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