a good vintage: on course for resort

So many of my favourite editorials come from the late nineties and early 2000s. If I had to pick an era that defined my style, it would be those years, when I started reading fashion magazines, where Liz Tilberis and Kate Betts were as doing really interesting things at US Harper's Bazaar, models like Amber Valleta, Kirsty Hume, Maggie Rizer, Angela Lindvall and Gisele Bundchen were in their heyday. I was drawn to the US glossies (magazines like i-D and The Face and Dazed were not on my radar) - I loved American designers, and I found classic American sportswear to be my cup of tea: easy, simple, luxurious. The magazines were about a shiny, happy life, glamorous but clean-cut. At 13, they seemed the ideal.

I came across some of my favourite editorials from the period recently, and was struck by how modern they still feel. Here's a selection from one of them from 1996, starring the evergreen Linda Evangelista. It features some of my favourite motifs: boats, the sea, cozy knits, bare feet, a carefree ease to the clothes.


Magazine: "On Course for Resort", US Harper's Bazaar November 1996
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Fashion editor: Tonne Goodman

One thing I also love about these images is that the digital retouching was far less extreme then - you can still see the genuine texture of their skin, and everything is not hyper-sharp. They felt real.


lapindelune said…
I agree so much with regards to the retouching. Makes me quite nostalgic.
So true about the re-touching.
miss sophie said…
oh gosh, the mid-late 1990s and early 2000s were really my style coming of age. thanks for reminding me about the glorious inspiration that is vintage Vogue from those years. i wish i had bought more issues and kept them all!
Joy said…
what a beautiful editorial. miss the old days of great magazines.
lin said…
lapindelune, Pret a Porter: It's ironic isn't it? Technology is getting better but people are looking worse.

miss sophie: I treasure the few copies I kept, and will never throw away those I clipped out into my scrapbooks. Wish I hadn't torn them up like that now!

Joy: I'm going to share a few more personal favourites over the next few weeks.
Lindsay K said…
This is classic Tonne Goodman- white jeans, sailing, I love it all.

I saved my copies of US and Paris Vogue. I have my own archive and enjoy flipping through them from time to time.
Ammu said…
Linda evangelista is such a charmer. Love these pictures. And yes, this is making me wish I had held on to my vogue issues as well or at least saved a few editorials as I have done since 2006.
lin said…
Lindsay K: I'm a big fan of Tonne Goodman, and I was so happy she was recognised by the CFDA this year. I'm especially in love with her work at Bazaar. Even now, my favourite editorials in US Vogue are usually by her.

Ammu: My proper collection starts around 2006 too! The rest are just clippings in plastic folders.
Chuck said…
These are beautiful. Linda is amazingly timeless. I agree that the styling options on the Topshop red dress are probably limited... I guess it is for the best since I can't buy it anyway! x
Aïssa said…
I'm from the same generation. I don't know if it was because of their novelty to me at the time but I still have fond memories of some fashion editorials.
Anyway, there's this 90's revival in the air and am really enjoying the current reinterpretation!
lin said…
Chuck: I agree, Linda has timeless glamour. And I love how she can switch from imperious to warm and friendly.

Aissa: It's probably a bit of both. I think that's what made me so excited to see Phoebe Philo's designs for Celine, and The Row.

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