summer days: white shirt + jeans + flat sandals


Photographer: Scott Schuman

This outfit packs a couple of good tips for summer, but first of all, let me just say how much I love this woman's fantastic attitude. She looks like she doesn't take any of this too seriously.

And onto the serious stuff.

First of all, her white shirt. A white shirts such a duh classic recommendation, and it's all-season, but it really dazzles in summer because it looks so good in the sun. The key to beating the heat is finding one in the right fabric. I like silk cotton, but they are usually sheer and need layering, which can be unpalatable in humid weather.

I really like linen in the right weave and weight - not too crisp, soft and washed. A lot of people don't like linen shirts, probably because they wrinkle, but everything wrinkles in the heat anyway, and linen is one of those things that actually look good wrinkled - they're meant to. Buy something that's pre-washed, or go a size up, because linen shrinks on first wash, depending on the weave. I like the ones at Uniqlo this season.

The second part about her great look are her flat sandals. Birkenstocks! Not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of chic but I think she's pulling it off nicely with nice sporty vibe.

It's nice to bring out some simple flat sandals when the sun comes out. I've seen S of Mommy Style, Kate from Quiet Houses and Garderoben with their chunky low wedges/sandals and it's an instant update to an all-season outfit like jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt - like the sun coming out and everything looks different in a new light. I like the classic K Jacques ones too for a sleeker look.

Driving shoes - not penny loafers - are also a great, relaxed, sporty touch that's says summer. My friend has a yummy mustard yellow pair that adds colour in a subtle way, and I also like them in camel leather, or perhaps sky blue.

All in all, I think a relaxed white shirt, cuffed jeans, and flat sandals are a great uniform to for summer.

Do you guys have a summer uniform?

P.S - Thanks to Alexandra of Her Ribbons and Her Bows for recommending this series of summer days posts...I haven't been as organised as I should, and have mostly rambled on when inspiration strikes.

Picture from the sartorialist


I've always had a love for driving shoes. This picture is great; she certainly has that je ne sais quoi that shines through especially since she is wearing such a "simple" outfit.
S said…
I've always really loved this photo, thanks for the reminder! I think it's one of the photos that originally made me want to crop off my hair. I actually have a strong love for Birkenstocks, especially this style (Gizelle I think), ever since Sari Gueron had all her models wearing Birks down the runway in 2007. ( I'm loving your summer series!
I have this pic in my inspiration folder too! White denim and mustard is an absolute must for summer, it's my favourite colour combo but difficult to pull off because subtle and chic mustard accessories are so hard to find. Thankfully a few local brands have cottoned onto the idea in the last couple of seasons.
Fashion Tidbits said…
Have you seen the michael kors flatforms that are all the range in magazine eds nowadays? I think i'm being slowly coerced into coveting them :)
Fashion Tidbits said…

Joy said…
Your suggestion of the uniform sounds incredibly good except for the fact that I am still hunting down the perfect white shirt/blouse. Gosh why does it have to be so hard. I love that photo as well - she seems just so confident and comfortable in her own skin.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: So do I...I also quite like their sporty counterpart, the Sperrys. Agree about the photo, a simple outfit calls for attitude.

S: I remember that collection! I thought it was so cool not to see crazy shoes on a runway. And her dresses were amazing. I'm not fond of Birkenstocks though...I always seem to trip in them! Can't quite get comfortable in them.

La fille mal gardee: Agree that good mustard accessories are hard to find...I'm still hoping some day I'll find a pair of driving shoes in that colour though.

Fashion Tidbits: I have! They look a little hard to walk in though.

Joy: I know, it's hard. I'm wearing a great one I swiped from my older sister but I know she's going to hunt me down eventually.
miss sophie said…
summer is definitely not my favorite season, but i make up for it by using the heat as an excuse to stick to yet another one of my 'seasonal' uniforms! :) agree with you that there's nothing better than a soft linen shirt and some flat sandals. i am so taken by the woman's haircut too in this vintage Sart pic - i think mainstream culture loves women in long hair a bit too much. when it gets sweltering hot, all i can think of is how great and liberating it would be to just chop off all my hair into a pixie cut!
If Jane said…
oh i love love this look!
Garderoben said…
I love that haircut too. I wish I could find a great white shirt, I don't own one. I just don't think that I look good in white shirts. Maybe I haven't found the right one. My summer uniforms are either a linen top+shorts or tank top+printed/linen loose pants and sandals of course!
Kate said…
Wow, thanks for the mention! My uniform is currently jeans, stripes and sandals, but I've got my eye on a blue cotton shirt that'll be making its way to my wardrobe when my six-item challenge is over. I of course love chunky flat sandals, toddler-style, though a pair of low wedges like the APC pair would not go amiss.
lin said…
miss sophie: I love a pixie cut too. I can't do mine as short as hers though. I don't know how to manage long hair anymore, especially with the heat.

If Jane: Glad you do! I love the simplicity.

Garderoben: I think the right shirt of any kind is difficult to buy, since the fit is so important. Linen is so awesome for hot days.

Kate: It was no trouble :) I think a blur shirt is a classic buy, and good for all seasons.

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