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Photographer: Benoit Peverelli
Magazine: Vogue Paris March 2008
Stylist: Melanie Huynh and Geraldine Saglio

Seeing images of this particular En Vogue feature from Vogue Paris made me nostalgic so I decided to post it up in its entirety. Three years old, and looking pretty fresh for me. I like how the introduction of simple accents and accessories freshens up simple outfits of denim and cotton - camel leather accessories, fringe, grey suede, black leather with metal accents, ethnic flair. All in small doses that add personality without being trendy. We all need that kick in the pants in our wardrobes sometimes.

Wonderful casual looks to ring in the weekend!

Pictures from tfs


I find the En Vogue pages pretty good wardrobe inspiration, especially for work wear. I'm not into fringes or browns, but I like the black looks.
Kate said…
Those blue starry Repettos are so amazing. Lovely pictures! Nice to see that the fashion for simplicity is lasting.
miss sophie said…
i like all the textures and layering going on - i'm not a fan of browns either, but the cool neutrals are great!
Ginta said…
Couldn't agree more - they're still relevant. Thanks to En Vogues I really fell in love with blazers. :))
editor said…
the color collections on each page are what I love most. Thank you for posting these.
angie said…
I couldn't tell it's from 2008.everything looks so now.That's what classics is all about.I esp like everything in tan these days.
Fashion Tidbits said…
Omg! I wish i had a waist to wear a black blazer cinched up like that. So hot.
I wouldn't say 'no' to a single one of these accessories.
Milly said…
Beautiful colours and I particularly like the fringing!

lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I'm actually quite fond of fringe in small doses, haha. I like En Vogue too...pity the section has somewhat boring lately...I like feel like they are putting in less effort than they used to.

Kate: I was quite charmed by them too, but the price of Repettos really put me off.

miss sophie: I rather like brown bags and belts, but not shoes. I like the overall mood of these pages more so than I like the actual items featured.

Ginta: Yes, some magazines are really good at making me fall for things I don't normally like.

editor: No problem. I agree about the colours - the pages are just really well put together, even if I don't actually want any of the stuff.

angie: I agree, I was quite surprised to see that all this time has passed. I love things in tan leather, it looks so rich and warm.

fashiontidbits: I've always wondered whether people really stay in such a look all day, because I always take off my jacket at some point, and it's so glamorous to undo the belt in front of everyone!

milly: I agree...it made me appreciate a small fringed purese I have again.

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