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Photographer: Charity De Meer for J. Crew

These days I either don't post, or feel a barrage of them lining up waiting to burst forth on my blog. Just thought I would share an interesting new-ish Tumblr - J. Crew's 770 Behind The Line blog. It's got charmingly random street snaps of chic New Yorkers and their outfits, behind-the-scenes pictures of their campaigns, inspiration behind their collections, and my favourite - a regular Pet Project series that runs every Friday about PETS. Mainly of dogs, which I love. It's one of the most well-designed brand blogs I've ever seen - perfectly in tune with the brand's aesthetic and surprisingly personal; a lot of brand blogs feel a bit mechanical or like an afterthought. But I guess it's no surprise since J. Crew's website has always had a touch of the personal; unusual for such a behemoth.

From top: posts by Ashley Sargent Price and Alison Griffin; Halsey Anderson and Jenny Kong; Tracy Rosenblaum

Pictures from 770/Behind The Line


K. said…
Amazing recommendation! Btw, If you are going to London, it might be worth checking out for accommodation (if you don't know already!) x
son said…
i loved the dog-owner posts on it. I like how its not overtly commercial and for that, seems a touch more genuine. i missed your earlier post - hoxton hotel too is worth a look, since rates can be v low when booked well in advance, and the rooms are quite decent.
Joy said…
I was like going to say: GREAT REC too but realized that I was already following them on Tumblr. I guess this shows much I go on Tumblr (infrequently). Great musings and you've pretty much said it all on how I feel about J. Crew.
Jennifer said…
i am not a fan of jcrew. i know, i'm a freak. i am sure their site is genius though, and i know if i go i will be extremely tempted, because they do a great job of pushing all the right buttons.
yanqin said…
K: I did try Airbnb! :) Thanks for the tip anyway. Hopefully we can narrow down some options soon. We booked our Paris flat using it. Fingers crossed everything goes well because we're using it for the first time.

son: We did try the Hoxton several times, but I never seem to score these fabulous rates people talk about. In the end, a flat seemed more economical for the space you get.

I agree, the pets seem like such an uncontrived touch.

joy: Thanks. I like the idea of J Crew more than I like the clothes actually, haha.

editor: I've never actually physically shopped in J Crew and I don't own any of their clothing, since it's not available here. I think their website makes everything look incredibly appealing, even when the clothes are so-so.

I'm curious why you're not a fan :)
Jennifer said…
For one thing, I am not a fan of Mickey Drexler, I am not a fan of their drive to squeeze every last dollar out of the customer, particularly because it is not matched by a drive to make the best possible product that they can. They successfully lift ideas/designs from other companies that have more heart, reinterpret it in lesser fabrics or lesser production quality and find the highest price they can sell the items at. The New Yorker did a feature on Drexler. It was pretty accurate. I don't like to feel that I, as a consumer, or my wallet, is being hunted so aggressively.
I also had the unfortunate luck to be in a store when Drexler came in with a research crew and started basically consuming everything. Now I know where to trace much of their men's boutique ideas to.
They are nailing it with their marketing approach, but marketing is selling air and fantasy. Their actual product is lacking.
Angie said…
Thanks for sharing .It's an inspiring blog.Sort of makes my mood in the mornings when i put outfits together.
yanqin said…
editor: I read that article, I sort of admired Mickey Drexler from a ruthless businessman point of view, but I agree it's distasteful. I've never seen their clothes in person but I've not always heard the best thing about the quality and that's always held me back from falling for their great copywriting.

angie: glad you liked it!

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