summer days: the jumpsuit

If anyone is confused, this is a re-post, because Blogger kind of went batshit a few days back and my post mysteriously disappeared. So, um, enjoy, again.


Photographer: Scott Schuman

Well, with the General Elections over and done with, it's time I distract myself a little with the simpler pleasures in life. I will post more about my thoughts on the outcome of the election (overall good, with some personal disappointments) a few weeks from now, as I am interested in how I will view the whole matter with some "cooling off" time for perspective.

So, on with clothes, and dressing thyself.

There will come a day where jumpsuits aren't age appropriate anymore, but at present, I think I'm getting away with them. I have always worn some variation of this in lieu of a dress; less so after I left school and started work. It's a little more playful, a little more sporty, and a nice variation on wearing shorts all the time.

I don't think her jumpsuit is the best or the coolest I ever seen, but I like how she managed to wear it without looking infantile. She looks cool in a preppy way, but still very "city".

I don't wear mine so short. This one I'm wearing is from Gap and I think I bought it in 2008. It's chambray (such a great, lightweight alternative to denim) and it came with a matching belt, but I prefer it with my own woven leather belt.


I also have one from Zara, bought in 2009. It's linen and utterly soft and comfortable. Both are also holiday staples when I expect to be out in the sun and walking a lot, and it's somehow easier than wearing separates.

I refuse to call it a playsuit or a romper - it sounds terribly wrong.

P.S: If anyone is wondering whether it's inconvenient or awkward when you have to go to the loo, the answer is no.

Picture from the sartorialist


miss sophie said…
ha! love it. you look street-style ready and gorgoues in your Gap version! this is where i dare not tread. i agree that we should stop using 'playsuit' and 'romper' to refer to this genus of clothing. adult clothing should not have children's clothing monikers!
hannah-rose said…
I really love this on you, it suits you, I think. I so wish that i could pull this look off because I think that it is so easy, so simple, so perfect for summer. I agree though - urghh romper is a horrible world!! but i think that jumpsuit for me is just all about the long, parachute-r versions haha.

lin said…
miss sophie: Thanks! Why do you say this style isn't for you though?

hannah-rose: Thanks! I do dream of the amazing sleek black ones Stefano Pilati does for YSL - Chloe Sevigny wore one from this fall 2010 collection that I'm still dreaming about. He manages not to make them look too cheesily 70s. I also love the strapless one from Celine in her pre-fall collection.
Kate said…
You look great! I think blue is the best colour for a jumpsuit (I can't say romper or playsuit either). I wish I could wear them but my torso is quite long and they always give me a wedgie!
Garderoben said…
You look great! I don't think I can pull it off (the age issue), but I love it on others, especially in chambray. It's such a great summer look.
0000 said…
You look great in your jumpsuit! I used to own a jersey jumpsuit that I wore all the time with a belt, but I definitely found the belt made getting in and out of the romper a lot harder. They are very comfortable, though, almost like pajamas. Unfortunately, so many rompers on the market are cut way, way, way too short!
lin said…
Thanks! I agree finding the right fit can be tricky, sometimes they are too high in the crotch, and hitch in weird ways. I haven't tried one on in shops for ages though, happy that I found a couple that work for me.
Anonymous said…
oh dear, good to know,as I thought i was going crazy;))
love your blog!
Milly said…
Urgh SO annoying went Blogger went mental! I personally still struggle with the jumpsuit when going to the loo...whatever you say! Love the selection you've put up though!x
miss sophie said…
argh - looks like my comment was obliterated by blogger. anyway, i was saying that the jumpsuit is a lovely summery option, though i'm kind of creeped out by people who like to call it a 'playsuit' or 'romper'. adult clothes are not to be confused with baby clothes! :P
miss sophie said…
and - you look chic and lovely in your jumpsuit! :)
lin said…
anon, milly: thank you!

miss sophie: Argh, I have pointed out that I saw some of the comments that were posted before the post was deleted! Sorry you had to repost! But thanks again, ahah.
Garderoben said…
It looks so perfect on you, and I love chambray. I couldn't pull it off, but this is a great look.

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