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Photographer: Tommy Ton

It's kind of a rainy, damp, day in Singapore, and the damp, chilly air is making my nose run, and the bones in my hands ache slightly (I have "wind" in the bones in my hands, as us Chinese say). So instead of a summery photo, I've got this one that fit the bill better. Just like in this picture, I sometimes manage to wear about six different shades of blue at once.

Picture from Jak and Jil


Kristian said…
Haha, i do the exact same thing! Sometimes I don't feel for anything else than blue. It's the best colour, I always feel "expensive" and anonymous when wearing blue, and thats exactly how I, sometimes, like my clothing to look.

Thank you for a great blog, I really enjoy your posts.

All the best
K. said…
I hope a good hot cup of ginger tea will keep the 'wind' away:)

Blue is beautiful, so why not wear all shades of it at once! x
Ammu said…
I do this with blues and greys. Two of my favourite colours.
I will be in Singapore this Saturday evening, btw, and back again for a day next Sunday. Will call when I land - if you are not too busy, would love to meet up.
miss sophie said…
i know exactly what you mean! it's rainy and chilly today too. blue is a mainstay in my closet - when all else fails, it always works!
angie said…
I've got very few blue clothes but I plan to change that.Like Kristian says it feels expencive and a cut above black more refined,I would say.
Kate said…
I wear so much blue, and no black. I think it's the only colour I can wear an entire outfit of without feeling silly.
editor said…
unless i'm in all black or all white, i'm rarely monochromatic/tone-on-tone. blue is, i suppose, the only other time this happens, though less often. but i'm funny about black and blue. i like them together, but i rarely like black and blue at the same time. if i'm liking black, then all my blue stuff gets neglected. if i'm loving blue, then i reject black. i don't know why.
her loose sweater looks cozy. i hope you can have a cup of something warm and feel better.
lin said…
Kristian: Thanks, glad you enjoy my posts! And I'm always a little surprised by how unconsciously I gravitate towards blue.

K: Ahhh ginger tea, I shall badger my mum to make some of hers. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ammu: This Saturday isn't great but next week should be fine. I'll email you!

miss sophie: I only wish the perfect shades of clue are easier to find. I've always wanted a navy cardigan and I've never found one to my liking.

angie: It's not easy to find the right blue things, I agree, so I appreciate all the blue pieces I have.

Kate: Agree! I feel the same way about grey as well, but blue is livelier.

editor: I make emotional associations with my clothes too. Come to think of it, I usually wear black when I want to "retreat".
Ammu said…
Great! I am stopping in singapore enroute to NZ - will be back in singapore on the 15th.

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