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I don't shop at Margaret Howell (expensive for me and not available here anyway) but I love looking at her collections, because I 100% identify with her aesthetic.

In her words: "I am a hands-on designer and make is integral to my philosophy. It's crucial how a piece of clothing feels when worn. I've always wanted clothes to be the way I drew them - relaxed, lived in, a natural look.

I am inspired by authencity in nature, people and places; the same quality I look for in fabrics whether Harris tweed or Irish linen....I enjoy pulling these threads of British quality, tradition and skill together in clothes that are meant to be worn in the real world, where good design is about living with thoughtful style."

I especially adore the black dress with the full skirt in the top left corner, got me thinking whether I could possibly pull off a beneath-the-knee length (I usually can't) and the volume. It looks so modern, demure, classic and so much ease.

Images from margeret howell


-h said…
I liked the relaxed look to her clothes too.

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