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A friend of mine once said as we walked into one of my favourite stores, Massimo Dutti: "Everything looks so good in the windows display but when I go in, it all looks so...normal. And I end up not buying anything."

But that is precisely what I like about the label - the beautiful, nicely-made, well-priced building blocks they create for you to put together your own look.

Not that I have problems with their styling suggestions, as seen above. I love their casual, classic aesthetic, full of character and refinement -reflective of the chic women I saw in Spain. But to me, the items themselves appeal because they're not statement-making, just thoughtful enough in design to be become one cut above the average basic.

Anyway, I'm not shopping, but I cheered myself up with a fantasy shopping list, and at the very least, it's given me ideas on what to do with the things in my closet. Nothing in my closet quite looks like that fabulous black linen wrap jacket though.

A shop that not offers merchandise but also ideas and inspiration is one always worth a visit. And when it's democratically-priced and not at all about exclusivity, it makes it all the more appealing to me.

Images from massimo dutti


-h said…
I find this kind of styling inspirational too, because my wardrobe is mostly basic pieces. I don't think they have this brand in the US, but Banana Republic, Club Monaco, and J. Crew I imagine have this similar idea of updated basics.
The stand outs for me here are the raised croco bag, gray drapey jacket, and the pleated white blouse.
fashionaddict said…
Yes, simple things to be worn in so many ways and not to tire of.

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