I'm for the most part a hopeless pack rat (must have water, book, iPod, phone and all kinds of nonsense with me) but lately I've noticed that whenever I'm in need of a smaller purse for the basics, I don't seem to have the right thing to tote my stuff around, and my two smaller purses - a leather fringed one with a sling and a battered saddle bag - don't always always suit all occasions.

I have in my mind something more structured and formal, and Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil has been tossing up all kinds of temptations.

There's the money-no-object option, the Hermés pochette -

There's the Louis Vuitton designed by Sofia Coppola, quite lovely but just a wee bit too flat -

There's the one Viviana Volpicella (Anna dello Russo's assistant) has been clutching for a while now, I have no idea where it is from, but I love the burnished caramel hue and sturdy feel -
And there's the YSL Y clutch I was eyeing when I bought my bag in December, it came in a pretty pearly grey embossed eelskin, and actually quite fits my bill, being the right handy size and nicely low-key -

It was also a very reasonable S$900+, but I remembered thinking how nice it would be if it came with a detachable strap (maybe a chain one) so that I could also sling it when I need to. Still, I bookmarked it and it is one of my serious considerations post-ban for purchase.

Then again, there's the option of holding out for a Chanel classic quilted purse, which I have always always wanted in beige, and am waiting for the right moment in life to treat myself to one. I like it in the smaller size, and I find it pretty versatile, though a tad flashy.

It's so much fun, just to think...

Images from jak & jil for style.com; image of ysl clutch from here


-h said…
All the bags featured are pretty great, very classic, timeless, and discreet. Nobody (or a non fashion follower) would be able to tell who the bag is by from a mile away.
I like the 4th down too, again for all the above reasons.

You may have good luck looking through a mid range brand or even going through the vintage route too.
Silje said…
I do love that YSL clutch, it is very understated but classic and chic.

I don't think I could spend that much on a clutch though not here not now.
Romany said…
Oh I agree, I'm always carting all kinds of things around with me in my bag (it's gigantic, just ridiculous).
I say hold out a little while, and go for the Chanel. So worth it!
fashionaddict said…
-h: I love the discreet charm of anonymity. This is the sort of thing worth a slow search.

silje: The YSL is my favourite actually, for the lack of hardware, classic and modern at the same time. I probably found it reasonable because I saw it two days after the I saw the very expensive Kelly Pochette at Hermés...

romany: I love the Chanel, but more to look at rather than actually use because it always feels too dressy for me, but I think of it as something I may one day evolve to like...

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