scenes from harbin


1) Shops lining the road on the outskirts of the city.
2) Hazelnuts seem to be a speciality.
3) In a strange Russian-themed resort, a tribute to the large Russian community in Harbin in the early 20th century. Landscaping was amazing.
4) A very classic Chinese breakfast of millet porridge and fried dough sticks.
5) Metal shavings from a factory I visited.
6) Erm, me.
7) More eccentric touches from the Russian-themed resort.
8) Picture of a picture I took of St Sophia Cathedral in Harbin, a landmark of the city that survived the Cultural Revolution.
9) Farmland outside the city.

(All taken on my mobile phone. Hence their randomness.)


Eileen said…
Hello Lin, good to see you back! Hope you had a fruitful trip. I must say you are good with your phone camera:)

The "you tiao" looks yummy!
Sue said…
The first picture takes me back to when I've visited China. You look very relaxed and chic - love the lace ups - such a good choice.
Ammu said…
Good to see you back! Looks like a lovely, relaxed holiday. xx
lin said…
Eileen: It was very good, freshly fried and airy but substantial when you bite down. So good.

Sue: Thanks! The shopfronts of China have a very distinct look, I wonder how much of it will change in time..

Ammu: It wasn't that relaxed because I woke up at 7 every day, which is very early by my standards. Haha.
Oh boy, your meal! Do you know how long it has been since I ate a 'proper' you tiao? So long....and I'm salivating over a photo! I met someone who came from Harbin. Gosh, that's going back more than 15 years ago. I remember her telling me that a lot of the locals go to Russia to further their studies as it's so close and far more affordable than other parts of Europe.
Anonymous said…
Wait, back up, can we see your suitcase? Is that it peeking out from behind you? Is it a hand-held?
lin said…
Marlene: That was an exceptional you tiao, and that's coming from someone who gets to eat it any time she wants.

Harbin was fascinating - the way China is for me as whole, because we often read about it and we have a whole concept about it in our heads but being there surprises you.

editor: Sharp eye! Yes it's my borrowed suitcase, as I decided a wheelie was better for the sprawl of the Beijing airport. It's a soft-sided wheelie that kind of looks like a large handbag when the pull handle is hidden.
Lindsay K said…
Welcome back! Hope you had a productive work trip. You look lovely;)

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