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Years ago, my older sister told me, "to know whether a skincare product works, try spending a couple weeks without it."

I had the chance to properly test this theory recently, because owing to bad planning and bad memory, I never got around to buying a new jar of my favourite clay mask for weeks. To be precise, since the last week of June. I've been using a clay mask for years, every ten days or so, so it's was quite a break in routine.

I could tell my skin was unhappy, but I didn't think it was that horrible exactly - some breakouts but not serious ones. A couple weeks back, I finally got round to buying some, and after a shower I could not slap it on fast enough.

Even with my eagerness, I was surprised by the actual effect. My skin felt so much cleaner and it was softer and smoother to the touch. I could tell I probably need a couple more rounds to get cleaned up but it was enough. Unless I want to start going to facials on a regular basis, or move somewhere with only the purest of air and water, a clay mask shall never be missing from my bathroom cabinet again.

If you live somewhere sticky and humid with a fair amount of pollutants in the air, get a clay mask pronto. Mine is from Kiehl's but lots of companies make something like this and there is surely one that works for everyone's skin type.


Interesting, I live in a hot humid climate too. I use the cheapy Queen Helene Mint Julep mask whenever I feel I need it. Sometimes I could swear I see a difference. And it has a lot of good reviews (104+ on alone), it is very cheap so not a big investment if it didn't work, and I did see it sold at Whole Foods (if it's @ WF it must be good right? ;P) I'd be interested in reading other people's recommendations too.
Eileen said…
Hello Lin, I used to use Nuskin's Marine Mud but it is such a hassle to go all the way to the office to buy. So I switched to Kiehl's a couple of years back and I use it religiously

Some may say it is too much but my skin stays clean and happy:)
Ammu said…
Couldn't agree more. I use a kaolin-based exfoliating mask from Keracnyl. My dermatologist recommended it and it really helps to keep my skin clear, despite all the humidity and pollution and dust in Delhi.
miss sophie said…
i swear by my fresh clay mask - in fact i'm running out and need to get a new tube pronto. so true about the soothing/deep cleaning effects of clay masks to get out city living toxins in your skin!
Fen said…
I've been itching to try this but can't decide between the clay mask and the green tea gel mask (both Kiehls) - I agree that you don't know how good something is until you have to do without it for a while! wise words.
Lindsay K said…
I totally agree.

I've actually never used a mask (even when I lived in hot/humid places), but I love looking/reading about beauty products. I rarely break out (I can count on one hand how many times I've broken out in my life.) I have pretty sensitive baby skin, so I tend to use a few good products my derm approves.
LapindeLune said…
I experienced a similar epiphany after going without moisturizer for a month. My skin was in better condition all round, and I have since been loathe to go back. I do use an eye cream and also exfoliate 3 times per week, but this is all it takes to keep my skin happy for the time being. I am still rather shocked about the moisturizer though: I had been using it since I was about 18 and had imagined it to be one of those things that you just 'have' to use in an effort to keep skin hydrated (I hadn't asked myself why this never seemed to bother men!). It frightens me how much we are encouraged to spend on skincare. An unfathomable racket if ever there was one..
J. said…
That's a great tip actually, I can't believe I never thought of that!
Anonymous said…
Smart sister. I use a mask roughly once a week. How often do you? It is the grime more than anything, here in ny, that makes it necessary. I use an exfoliant first, then I apply the mask.
I have noticed a marked difference when I use my moisturizing mask. My skin has gotten rather dry over the years probably due to the fact that I live here in the UK where heating is turned on for most part of the year.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I have the same theory about Whole Foods, haha.

Eileen: Every day! Well if it works for you then I suppose why not.

Ammu: Yes, I love how it feels like your skin can "breathe" afterwards.

miss sophie: Fresh feels a bit pricey for me, but I suppose when I'm the mood to splurge, I will give it a try.

Fen: I can definitely speak for the clay mask...haha. With hydrating masks, I feel like the effects are more cosmetic and temporary so I don't really spend on those.

Lindsay K: Lucky you! I would love to be less dependent on beauty products...I feel like it's easy to go overboard once you start buying products for this or that.

Lapindelune: That's incredible! I've gone without moisturiser (unwillingly) and hated the way my skin felt and looked. I wonder whether it's because my skin can no longer hydrate itself because it's used to being moisturised! Haha.

J: Credit goes to my sister!

editor: I use it twice a week max. I use an exfoliant a few times a week too, although in no particular order.

Marlene: My skin always goes haywire when I visit temperate climates in colder months - it just dries up and gets irritated in the first few days.

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