notes for september


  • Reread "Enduring Love" by Ian McEwan, and then "A Child in Time". I'd forgotten how much I love his writing.
  • Found an old plaid shirt from 2007 that's pilling, and wore it. It made me nostalgic. 
  • Watched the Paralympics and felt like weeping (in a good way) and cheering at the same time. Being physically disabled seem rather beside the point.
  • Finally, blue sky and sunshine after weeks of hazy, steamy, warm weather.
  • Concluded that some new-ish shoes of mine are a style breakthrough (whoa!). More on that in a future post. 


Joy said…
looking forward to seeing your new shoes.
jamie-lee said…
Oh I have a few things that I feel a little nostalgic about when I wear them. Can't wait to see these new shoes!
Eileen said…
Hello Lin! It's raining and gloomy today though..
Show the shoes😀
Anonymous said…
We're waiting for the shoes :)
Clear sky but cold by me.
lin said…
Joy, Jamie-Lee, Zuzanna Anna: Still trying to figure out what's the point I want to make beyond: "I really like them.", haha.

Eileen: It's back to disgustingly humid weather after that one day of clarity. Bummer. The rain did cool things down a bit today.
miss sophie said…
curious about what you mean about your newish shoes! :)

on the shoes front here, i've had somewhat of a style breakthrough here with my newfound sneaker wedges. so, so good!
bowling said…
i love Ian McEwan's writing too. I am currently reading "Atonement". beautifully written

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