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Living in a muggy city like Singapore, one essential that I can't live without the practical but pretty white top. A single item that goes from day to night, feels light as air in the humidity, doesn't require layering, stands up to frequent washing, and doesn't make me look like I'm bound for the beach when I'm actually headed to work. And white, because white always looks good in sunny places.

These pieces in my closet have worked well for me:


I never even thought of these as a staple until I realised I was steadily drawn to them and collecting them over the years. They just work so well - when you want to wear as little items of clothing as possible but a tank top or t-shirt isn't an option, these guys come in and save the day.

What are your hot weather heroes?


The white pocket shirt and the lace top are especially nice.

I rely on cotton sweaters and cotton tees.
Anonymous said…
I really like the lace shirt as well- very nice!

This summer I've come to discover why people buy fully lined dresses. I hadn't needed any before because the place I'm from is so temperate, but now that I'm spending the summer in a really hot/humid place the two I have (one casual, one dressy) have become indispensable and I wear the causal one all the time. I'm definitely a convert, haha.
Ammu said…
Love the collared top! I don't buy much white these days - it gets dirty way too quickly. But am very fond of my cotton dresses, especially two Breton shifts from Muji.
helin said…
I love the lace top and the one with the black embellishments. They each have an element of visual interest on otherwise plain pieces. I have never been a fan of sleeveless shirts with collars though. For some reason, they never work on me.

I just recently did a post on the all white trend. They are all my picks from the Resort 2013 collections. Looking at these, I feel like I could spend all summer in just one color.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I love cotton sweaters - so easy to maintain too!

humannracing: I have to give my mum the credit; I don't think I would have bought a top like that myself; there was so much lace in the shops this season that they all blurred into one another and I shut them all out...

I actually dislike linings because they're often polyester or silk and that's so uncomfortable on hot days. A cotton lining is ideal, but I like it best when the fabric itself is nice and thick enough on its own.

Ammu: Thanks! I think I'm practised enough in keeping my white clothes white, but it helps that Singapore is so very clean....

helin: I never found a sleeveless shirt that worked on me until I discovered the ones made without darts in the body.
helin said…
Lin, thanks for the tip. I'll be on the look-out..
Anonymous said…
the hot weather in tropics is different than in Europe, so I was surprised when i visit first time Bkk and
Sg. I got some linenn shorts t-shirts and a lot of silk with me... but what really worked was long sleeve cotton shirt (which barelyt touch my body) and loose cotton pants. I have collection of shirts with liberty prints and natural linen colours for tropics. I use to wear shirts with no bra(especially padded bras i found uncomfortable for the tropical weather, so shirts with two pockets are just perfect to stay modest.
I also must thank you Lin, your blog inspired me a lot.
petrichore said…
It's quite a bit cooler and not humid at all here in the summer (70-80 F, but even this summer has been cooler), so I can get by with several trusty cotton t-shirts. The nice thing about them is that they're inexpensive, so renewing them every year has become a fun shopping excursion (and the ones that last due to quality are a happy surprise). I can imagine that your white cotton tops must be heavenly in tropic/subtropic heat and humidity!
lin said…
diana: Thanks! Yes silk can be very stifling on a humid day - I like silk cotton if I want something that drapes more softly than cotton.

petrichore: I have a slight obsession with beating humidity...I've made so many mistakes in the past, falling for clothes impractical for the weather and I'm determined to avoid doing that!
Eileen said…
Hello Lin! I love this post:) The cotton ones are life-savers in Singapore. Over time, I noticed that I am drawn to those with unique little details like laces and pin tucks. The one your mum picked out for you is my fav!
Aïssa said…
I agree: a well cut white top looks polished but comfortable for those hot days when it's a challenge to look business enough without boiling. Your post made me realize I only have a couple of those but then so far we haven't been "plagued" with a specially hot summer.
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