notes for august

  • On my playlist: Lianne La Havas's debut album "Is Your Love Big Enough?". Do not miss it.  
  • I've managed eat noodles nearly every day since I got back from my trip to Europe last month. A sampling of the unhealthier options above.
  • After about two years of preferring tucked-in shirts to untucked, I've been inching back towards untucking my shirts. 
  • I really love going back to using an iPhone.
  • Bought some leather insoles and breathed new life into a pair of ballet flats that had stretched.
  • "Breaking Bad" has come back to turn me into a hermit in my living room, curtains drawn as I catch up on Season 4 and start on Season 5. Bought the August issue of GQ just for the Aaron Paul editorial alone. 
  • Other thing turning me into a hermit: the Olympics. 
I should add that pictures above reflect one thing I especially love about my country, which marks her 47th year of independence today - food. Consider this a moment of flag-waving!


Aïssa said…
Happy Independence Day!
I don't think my tv ever "suffered" that much use since the start of the Olympics!
I have heard lots of good reviews of "Breaking Bad" but never watched it. Maybe later, I don't think I could insert a viewing of this show between True Blood and the Olympics... Not so much hours in a day! Haha!
catalina said…
I now realise that after 3 years of wearing my shirts untucked, this past year I've always wore them tucked-in.
Sue said…
Love noodles - healthy or unhealthy style. The last picture - I don't recognise those at all so they are rather intriguing.

Shirts - it depends on the length. And some start in at the beginning of the day and end up out half way through the day - it's all the filling and emptying of washing machines and dishwashers - lots of arm raising going on.

I didn't think I would be watching the Olympics at all but I surprised myself by declaring to the other half that I wanted to watch the Opening Ceremony as I needed to see what the hype was about and I have to admit - it was worth it. And somehow along the way, it's just been exciting so I've gone with the flow. However - I'm not a great one for TV in general so a lot passes me by but what I don't see, I don't miss.
Ammu said…
Happy independence day! And I think it's safe to say that few places, if any, can beat Singapore when it comes to the shee variety of amazing, inexpensive food.
Eileen said…
Hello Lin! Ah that Maxwell Market Rickshaw Noodles is one of my favourites!

Enjoy the coming weekend!
lin said…
Aissa: Yes, save Breaking Bad when you have more time - it's addictive, which is appropriate given the theme of the show.

catalina: I have moments when I can;t decide, haha. Sometimes I start the day one way and change my mind later.

Sue: Do you mean the one on bottom right? Those are basically flat rice noodles tossed in a sickeningly good chilli paste/black vinegar/fried pork lard crisps and served with minced pork, liver, fishballs, garnished with spring onions, maybe a dash of soy sauce somewhere.

Sue: I used to tuck in all my longer shirts, but recently I got comfortable with leaving some of them untucked. So long as it doesn't look too "smock-y" I don't mind.

Ammu: Malaysia would probably come close, since we have similar foods. Actually, most of Southeast Asia plus Taiwan would be in pretty tight competition. But since it's National Day I'm going to say you're absolutely right, hah.

Eileen: I hope you had a great National Day, did you hold your breath waiting for Lee Kuan Yew to appear too? Haha.

And awesome to meet a fellow rickshaw noodle fan! I tried to interview her once and she rejected me, alas.
Eileen said…
Lin, lol.. I am glad he did, and looks good too. I went back to office the next day and told them (the people who spread the false info) off..haha.

Honestly, I am coming back here to drool at the food and try identify the rest.. Is the next one tiong bahru loh mee? And where is the char kway teow and mee pok from??:P
I'm getting curious with these food. I've never try this before. Is this spicy?
lin said…
Eileen: The lor mee is actually from the little cramped food court at the back of the Lucky Plaza basement (not the one near Macs, it's further back). It's changed owners since I last went so it's no longer as good...stick to Tiong Bahru or Amoy Street!

The char kway teow is from the Food Republic at Wisma (the hokkien mee stall), very good but I'm upset they've raised the price to $4.50! But that's hawker food in Orchard for you.

The bak chor mee is from Food Opera at Ion, it's really really good, but again, overpriced. I know it sounds like I only eat at food courts which isn't true! I only make exception for these few dishes, and only because I'm in town a lot for yoga. Otherwise I get my bak chor mee and char kway teow from much humbler places, like the kopitiams near my place at Thomson.

Eileen said…
Thanks Lin!!

My office is near Havelock so we frequent Tiong Bahru Market a lot and the Loh Mee is my boss's fav.

I almost always eat from the same laksa stall at Food Opera, Ion. I will definitely try the bak chor mee next time:)

By the way, you know Concorde Hotel Basement Foodcourt where the old Meridien Hotel was? They have a really good Korean stall, tasty and healthy, in case you like!

Funny you mentioned Thomson.. cos that was the area I grew up and spent a good part of my life before I married and moved out. Long House and Dino are my fav eating places.
lin said…
Eileen: I grew up around Thomson too; lived in Bishan (when it was really quite, Junction 8 only opened a couple years after I moved there), before we moved to to Upper Thomson Road, where I still live. I really like the food at the Sembawang Hills hawker centre as well!

You're so lucky to be working near Tiong Bahru market, so much good and inexpensive food there and there's also great zi char. Not mention all these hip cafes that keep springing up there. Have you had the croissants at Tiong Bahru Bakery? Really lives up to the hype, but only if eaten fresh!

I miss Asian food so much. In fact, I may be smacked for saying this but I miss Malaysian and Singaporean food more so than the relatives!
miriam said…
asian food <333
miriam said…
asian food <333

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