small joys


I love the contrast linings on the cuffs of some of my shirts. I did a little celebratory jig (in my head) when I finally found a way of rolling my sleeves that reveals their charm.

What's giving you a little joy today?


Eileen said…
The ditsy prints on my A.P.C. blouse that is keeping me cool and comfortable.

I like your shirt. From a distance, they look like polka-dots. But when you see it close up, you realise they are daisies!

Enjoy the hol tomorrow, fren!
Sue said…
That is such a pretty print. When I'm not doing checks, then I do like the small prints such as this. I quite often roll the sleeves up on my shirts - more to do with the sleeves being too long rather than a fashion statement and where possible if I am wearing them full length, then I try to get them altered.

That's such a sweet print - is it an APC or Sessun? I have my eye on a Maison Scotch one which has come up in the sale which has a small star print. See - I have so little resistance. I am easily enabled.
lin said…
Eileen: Thanks! I'm working tomorrow unfortunately! Hope you enjoy yours though!

Sue: Thanks! It's actually a Paul Smith men's shirt, I bought it at the outlet at Bicester Village - it was such a great price. They have so many beautiful prints for men, it was hard to just choose one. Quality is amazing too.

I'm very drawn to prints both bold and subtle, but I've realised that I wear fairly little of it so a couple of shirts are enough. I don't like the way I look with my sleeves properly buttoned at my wrist, so I almost always roll them too!
A├»ssa said…
He he, attention to details: that's how you recognize a true lover of clothes! The little things such as what you did with your shirt that simply brighten up your day. My little joy happened this morning going to Court and walking by the sunny and (rather) empty streets of Paris.
And Fashion related, yesterday when I tried on a hat at h&m that actually suits my moony face. I think I'm going to get it at lunch break!
lin said…
Aissa: I'm a zombie in the mornings but I admit being out before anyone else in the mornings can feel amazing.

I know all about the pains of finding a hat...I want a straw one for my beach vacations but can't find one that doesn't make me look like an old man...
Lindsay K said…
I love little details like this. I'm big on contrast linings on waistbands and cuffs. Paul Smith has such smart items and the quality is really nice. It's one of my favorite dapper gent stores.
Anonymous said…
Ooooo, reading the comments about hats - I hope she buys the one she found. It is a rare thing. I find most hats have too shallow of a crown. I like some hair between my head and the hat, in terms of the look/effect. Ha, maybe I need to try top hats. ;p
A little pleasure today from my morning cup of tea, and my new jeans, which are not compatible because I'm dressed way too warm to drink hot tea on a day like today. But I'm stubborn and love to enjoy new things immediately.
lin said…
Lindsay K: I could browse in the shop for ages. Looking at socks, ties, scarves, umbrellas, things I mostly don't need but it's just fun.

editor: I'm with you about most hats being too shallow. I don't fancy a top hat but hats are just not practical when they're shallow!

I often insist on a hot coffee even thought it's too hot, because I love the smell.
Anonymous said…
^ so hopeless is the pursuit of the perfect hat that more often than not i turn to a parasol.
hannah-rose said…
now THAT is a beautiful, beautiful shirt. the print is so full of joy! I am getting joy from sleep today. Lots of sleep!


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