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I’m making a more concerted effort to capture at least a handful of my outfits each month, although to what precise end I don’t know. Partly to appreciate what works for me, partly to “walk the talk” since I go on about clothes so much that it seems odd to not show myself wearing any. And years from now, it would be great to have some pictures to look back on to see whether I’ve changed how I dress, and decide whether there is such a thing as enduring classics, as Jess of Empty Emptor articulately questioned here.

Speaking of looking back, one outfit here is a throwback to my university days – the denim mini. I more likely wore it with sneakers or flip flops then, and lugged a canvas tote full of books and notes instead of a fancy purse. Wearing such a short skirt feels odd now, even though the style itself doesn’t feel dated to me. I suppose even if a style doesn’t date, clothes do get irrelevant. I’m keeping the skirt anyway; and some part of me thinks I haven’t seen the end of it.

Denim skirt aside, this outfits are pretty typical of how I dress all the time. I keep the number of layers to a minimum - actually I avoid them as much as possible. I spent at least half my day outside of the office so much as I love jackets, scarves and knits, those get pretty little wear and I have learned to minimise my investment in such items. T-shirts are my favourite thing but I try to keep that to once a week for work, since admittedly I only got away with that in the past with very relaxed bosses.

What do you guys think of outfit posts? People seem to like them, but I'd like to know why.


i love them. they remind me of the old totokaelo, before they changed format. maybe in part (why i like them so much) as they remind me of things in my closet, give me ideas. what i loved about the old totkaelo outfits (and yours) was the kind of apc/acne, collared shirts and jean-type outfits that are so achievable and kind of grand. xo
LN said…
I like outfit posts because they inspire me in a way even street style blogs these days don't: that normal people who don't spend all of their time, money and effort on clothing can still look great. Also, it shows your overall style and how attainable it is.
helin said…
Love outfit posts! They are inspiring, reminding me how go style the pieces of my wardrobe and yours especially remind me how to basically keep it simple.
lapindelune said…
I agree with Erica above, regarding the totokaelo similarity. They also clearly reflect 'you', and feel like a natural extension of your regular discussions and blog themes, if that makes sense. Also, it is a pleasure to see them grouped together in this way, to actually see how you chose to style each item.

They are very pleasing to the eye, in the sense that there is a tangible unity....the clean lines and simplicity....very soothing, which I can't for the life of me explain!
miss sophie said…
i love outfit posts but feel slightly odd posting too many on my blog. yours always look so chic and composed!

i think the visual catalogue over time is very interesting as a project. the consistencies reflect things about ourselves, no?
Holly said…
I like them because I am interested in seeing how the wearer styles the same pieces differently. I am very anti-new things all the time and I like getting ideas for a small, simple wardrobe of core items. My goal is paring down what I wear to the fewest possible pieces.
Anonymous said…
I find I don't really need them at all, but that I am in the minority, as they are mighty popular.
Anonymous said…
^i was speaking generally. I don't go to blogs for wardrobe pictures, but I know, as a blogger, that people value them.
You look great in dresses, and that squared neckline on the 2nd and last pictures looks perfect on you. I notice in the majority of the pictures you’re wearing “skin tone” shoes which I think is smart because I like how they match anything.

When I polled my readers the majority wanted to see outfit posts and wardrobe/purchase recaps. Outfit posts, especially, appeal to the inner voyeur in us all. Also, I think we all like to know how “real” (outside of fashion/celebrity/commercialized bloggers) people dress and shop.
Eileen said…
Hello Lin!

I used to like outfit posts (those that are really editorial looking) when I started browsing blogs. But these days, I tend to avoid those that have endless streams of images but not much of meat. I like it when the writer shares a thought and then uses a picture or an outfit to illustrate his/her point.

Out of the many reasons why I love reading your blog, one of it is because it is always consistent. You seem to have found your edge in this big nebulous idea called style and I like the fact that it is not always about acquiring a new item, although I love many of the items you have picked out for yourself!

ps. So nice to see your "fancy purse" in action!
Ammu said…
I love your uncluttered aesthetic - so, while not a fan of outfit posts in general, I enjoy those that appear on blogs I like. That cream top with black detailing looks gorgeous on you!
Katherine said…
I love your style and it's great to see a few "outfit" posts from you. I don't really like doing them for myself but readers seem to like them as part of the mix so I try and take a picture once a week or so. You have a very chic, relatable style and every piece seems well thought out and fits you perfectly.
Anna P. said…
I really appreciate and enjoy your posts where you discern and analyze every piece that goes into your wardrobe. To see how everything comes together in an outfit post is fun!
I'm with Kat on this as well. As you probably know by now, I'm not a fan of putting myself in front of the lens but I've had repeated requests for them. I know readers like to see how the outfits look on a person rather than just an editorial type shot.

I think my outfit wouldn't vary too much from yours if I live in Asia. Over here, it's just so cold most of the time that I invest more in jackets and coats rather than dresses or tees.
lin said…
erica lorraine scheidt: Thanks. I used to go to Totokaelo to look at their styling all the time, but it has become a bit avant garde for me, although they still have some great looks.

LN: I feel the same as well, although personally I prefer blogs that mix it up with other things. Also, agree it's a relief to see others who shop on the same budget!

helin: I guess we all need fresh ideas from time to time, even if it just reminds us of what we already know.

lapindelune: Thanks, it's interesting been interesting for me to see what I end up with after a few weeks. I actually think, I really enjoyed that, why dont I wear it again?

I do have some out of character moments, but they haven't surfaced recently. Sometimes I break out some loud prints. Like, twice a year.

miss sophie: I can't explain it but I feel the same way too, although I never have a problem seeing them on other people's blog. Maybe it feels like too much "me" for me.

I agree, I like being visually confronted with consistencies. Often it takes a bit of reflection to spot them and I am interested to see what I end up with.

Holly: That's an idea, although personally I wear things one way most times...I'm not much of a creative stylist.

I'd like a small wardrobe as well but a certain quantity is needed to ensure clothes don't wear out too quickly as well, and that's a problem for me here because it's so warm that clothes need frequently laundering.

editor: I've noticed that as well, which made me curious.

Pret a Porter P: Thanks! And your are right, most of my shoes are some kind of beige, or maybe some gold, and grey, and cream. I find them the most versatile for my needs.

"Also, I think we all like to know how “real” (outside of fashion/celebrity/commercialized bloggers) people dress and shop." -- exactly

Eileen: Thanks! And yes, that fancy purse sadly doesn't get much weekday action. Not quite right for work!

Ammu: Thanks! I love that top as well, and there is a bit of the thrill of the new still lingering so I have to resist the urge to wear it every week.

Katherine: Thanks! I think the rhythm you've set on your blog and that's actually encouraged me to mix it up a bit.

Anna P: Thanks! I did feel like this was necessary as well, to bring together all the random things I talk about and express them.

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies: Actually no one requested this of me, hahaha. Pretty much something I just wanted to have a go at.

I long for the need to invest in jackets and coats because they're so beautiful. But my wallet is probably happier here.

Aïssa said…
First: You look great in all these outfits.

They're very coherent with your points and thoughts expressed throughout your blog and I guess it's part of the appeal for outfits post: the (need of) authenticity. No matter the blogger's style.

It's so easy nowadays to pile up the trends and the "it"-things that seeing how people whose life don't revolve around the way they look and yet pay attention is refreshing.
Kate said…
I like outfit posts, but only on blogs that include more thoughtful content too. It's nice to see your outfits (which I love) because they perfectly illustrate the ideas you write about.
Lindsay K said…
Love the MHL top on you. I admired it forever on NAP, but ultimately decided I must admire from a far, since MHL doesn't fit me well at all. You look lovely in all of your outfits.

I'm not a fan of outfit posts, but I like your aesthetic. I think it depends on balancing the content, if the blog is well thought out and written and ultimately whether I like the blog. I actually started out not doing outfit posts, but I got so many comments, emails and questions that I relented. I wouldn't want to do them on a weekly basis but here and there it's nice to mix it up.

I will say it feels very odd to take them and post them. Not sure I'll ever get used to that.
Jade said…
i'm a big fan of outfit posts--not necessarily for inspiration, but because i really like to see how people take items and make them more personal. maybe it is a bit voyeuristic, but it, for me, is a catalog of how a real person who may be like me in many ways expresses themselves through clothing. i do not dress like you or many of the other bloggers who post their outfits, but i appreciate personal style deeply and i think seeing these posts give me greater understanding of how people relate to objects--how their clothes complement their work and lives.
Camille said…
I do like some outfit posts, but mainly those done by people who also write about other things; I like to see how their (and your!)aesthetics represent or complement their taste and opinions. I also like viewing outfit posts in a broader, quasi-historical context: I like how they can capture elements of the person wearing the outfits, but also elements about the time and place they live in. I often wish I had the equivalent of outfit photos of my mother, aunts, and grandmothers, and I find the idea that fashion and style research will be easier and brought to a more personal level in the future somehow comforting.
lin said…
Aissa, Kate: Thank you! It's nice to know that these posts support the opinions I express elsewhere on the blog, I strive for coherence and I did wonder if outfit posts would seem out of point.

Lindsay K: Thanks!

I just take my pictures hastily in my laundry room, haha, so it's not as much work as the ones you took in lovely settings.

Jade: I;m quite voyeuristic as well, I love looking at what people wear and do, although I don't like it when it's just outfits. Like you, I like looking at them as part of someone's life.

Someone like Pret a Porter P does a great job with outfit posts because it's always tied to a fascinating source of inspiration such that the final outfit is more than just tastefully together clothes.

Camille: You said it so well. I love looking at old photos of of my mum and grandma and hearing my mum's stories about the pictures. It's fun to imagine what I'd say about my own pictures some day.

To everyone who commented: Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts, it's really interesting to see how everyone interprets such pictures. Much for me to think about when I do such posts in future!
Anonymous said…
I am not a fan of perfect outfit pictures and I hate taking pics of myself, I just do it because I want to see what works on me and what doesn't. I do like seeing pictures from people with different styles, I find it amusing and inspiring...
petrichore said…
I love how you can wear an oversized button-down shirt, and it doesn't look bulky or boxy! This is inspiring me to drag out and iron my oxford shirts (it's been so hot here lately that they've languished in the ironing basket).
lin said…
lunaday: I know what you mean about wanting to see it on yourself, I do that in fitting rooms when I am shopping because it actually gives me a better perspective than just looking in the mirror, for some reason.

petrichore: Oxfords are quite warm for summer weather; actually none of my shirts are made of the traditional oxford fabric, I always go for lighter cottons and linen.
Sue said…
Really late to this discussion as have been away but this is a very interesting one. I personally love to see clothes styled by a person and worn by a person but not necessarily all the time. I like the way you have taken the photos of your outfits - very simply and letting the clothes speak for themselves. I don't always enjoy the fancy backgrounds but I like a "clearish"picture especially if you've have to take them in a mirror of yourself as they seem a bit pointless when they are totally out of focus and all a blur. I do however love a piece of writing to accompany a picture. I originally followed a few blogs which looked very nice but had very little substance behind them. 60 comments saying "nice dress" is not really that interesting. I like the discussion (or just call me a chatterbox) and the viewpoints of different readers - else how can you get to know the people you read about?
Anonymous said…
I really like this post, Lin. You have such a well-defined style. Clean, uncomplicated, elegant. And all clothes fit you perfectly. I'm a bit envious of that. I feel like I'm a bit all over the place, alternating between super flashy printed jeans and APC dresses! :)
lin said…
Sue: To be honest I wouldn't know how to take pictures of my outfits any other way - have never enjoyed posing and I tend to scowl in pictures unless I didn't know I was being photographed, haha.

I'm just accumulating outfit photos and seeing whether it becomes a's interesting to see what patterns emerge over time, and also it's a rush to see a favourite outfit from last month. It makes you feel excited about your clothes again and that's a good thing in these shopaholic times!

Sonia: Thanks! I have my out of character moments...perhaps I'll capture one soon!

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