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Thinking about what to pack for my trip next month is a great way to distract myself whenever the mind needs distracting. The best part about travelling in summer is that the packing is way lighter. The downside is that warmer weather = more perspiration = more changes of clothing needed.

So, I pack things made of the most breathable of fabrics (linen and cotton), and can be easily washed on the go to stay fresh. I avoid anything that clings. I bring a Chinese paper fan. And a handkerchief. Yes, I turn into my mother, but I feel less irritable for it.

The Toast catalogue is always a reliable source of inspiration for holiday dressing, because they're always travel-themed. Who doesn't want to look like that waiting train, strolling on a cobble-stone street, scarf trailing behind you when you walk down a sandy path to the sea. Practical,low-key, chic, timeless. And a bonus: I don't need to go shopping, and can reasonably apply the inspiration with things I already have.

Some of my favourite images, from their recent as well as older catalogues.

Untitled-1 copyUntitled-5 copy
Untitled-7 copyUntitled-3 copy
Untitled-2 copyUntitled-8 copy

A vague list:
- Loose-fit trousers, something with a bit of movement
- Breezy loose white tank tops
- Oversized blue shirts
- Flat sandals
- Chucks
- Shift dresses
- One cozy pullover
- Cotton/linen scarves
- Woven belt
- Shorts
- Sunglasses

Pictures from toast


petrichore said…
Ooooh, Toast, I'm going to run off and check them out!
Joy said…
absolutely beautiful. i'll keep this in mind while i pack for greece. thanks!
lin said…
petrichore: I haven't actually bought anything from them in years, since it's not readily available near me. But it's always good visual inspiration.

Joy: I hope you have a great time in Greece, and hope to see posts too!
Ammu said…
Your list is perfect! Speaking of summer travel, there's a small chance I might be in Singapore in the first week of June for a couple of days. Will you be around? A x
Anonymous said…
Have a safe trip lin! xo
AquaGenie said…
This comes in the nick of time, I need to pack for a beach vacation this week. I don't have a list yet but I am thinking (vaguely) a straw fedora and something linen.. really need to get on with it when I get home today :-)
Unknown said…
ahhh these shots are making me so dreamy for summer, we still have the most awful weather here :( I'm so jealous that you're getting to take a trip! and packing is so exciting :) have you seen the linen collection on Uniqlo? x
lin said…
navyslate: It's not until the end of next month, but thanks!

AquaGenie: I wished I looked decent in a fedora...they're so useful. Hope you have a great trip!

Fen: I haven't been shopping much lately, but Uniqlo is always great for linen shifts and shirts in summer! Here I'm getting thunderstorms, sweltering humidity and bright sunshine all in one day...
miss sophie said…
i love that all the photos tell a story about the person who would wear the clothes. you're quite right about the pros and cons of summer travel! the sweet spot is the long weekend trip, where you're gone for just long enough where don't have to wash anything :)
Human Racing said…
Such serene photos. You seem to be reading my mind, long and short term summer packing have been on the brain quite a bit lately. Now that I'm in between obligations with no real responsibilities, all I can think of is what to wear while traveling. Beautiful catalogue, it makes we want to check if we get Toast here in the states. Wonderful post!
lin said…
miss sophie: I agree...too bad this year I am skimping on weekend trips in order to save money for my big one to NZ!

acrispwhiteshirt: thanks! i think these pictures capture in the in-between moments of holidays - when we are on the move and just enjoying being on the move.
hannah-rose said…
I love packing!! it's probably one of my favourite things haha is that lame? I love the process of packing, I love planning to pack, I love making lists of things to pack, I love folding everything and trying to slot it all into the spaces in the suitcase... that is lame.

You've got a good list - everything that I would pack for a summer holiday. I think the key thing is movement and comfort. I always want to be able to move and enjoy myself in holiday clothes, but also be comfortable. I would add a hat to your packing list and if it was me packing I would add a long skirt but I know you're a fan of shorts and pants and denim haha!!!

lin said…
Hannah-rose: I am as weird as you are, I enjoy packing as well. I was such a terrific sales assistant because I actually enjoyed packing things in the storeroom.

I would love to find the perfect hat! I look terrible in them, but they are so so practical especially on sunny days!

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