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Alasdair McLellan for British Vogue May 2012

I haven't had much time for this blog, other than have the occasional opening sentence flash through my head, and then dissipate before I could get a proper taste of it. I am tired, more happy than unhappy, more stressed than relaxed, and I thought I was desperately in need of a time-out.

It was in this jumbly, frustrated frame of mind that I watched the latest episode of "Mad Men". And wow. That scene, with Peggy and Don in his office? My heart clenched.

"Mad Men" looks like a dream, but it resonates with me because of how beautifully complicated it actually is. I can't muster the energy to go into an in-depth analysis, so I'll just say that it's a show that rewards its long-time fans, and respects our patience to unravel each character and draw our own conclusions. And the characters, especially the women: take Peggy, who I've rooted for since day one. My career doesn't really parallel hers, but at that moment, in the office with Don, I felt like I was her, and I could identify with every thought that was (presumably) running through her head. And then the scene at the elevator lobby, the music rolling in just before the credits played? Perfect.

Come to think of it, every woman character in "Mad Men" has had a moment that I greatly identify with. How do the writers do it?

After I flicked off the television, I felt cheered, if not quite entirely myself again . Yes, give me a holiday now, and I will take it, but I realised I had forgotten how bracing good old inspiration can be. I was presented with more or less an hour of top-class acting, writing and directing that completely wrapped me in their world, and I came out feeling deeply inspired and energised somehow, to plough on and do better.

What's inspiring you?

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Kate said…
TV is so good for escapism, especially a good-quality long-running program that you can get really involved in. I used to be one of those people who never watched TV but when I'm stressed and really tired, all I want to do is stare at a screen.

At the moment I'm inspired by cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients - cooking always cheers me up and never fails to distract me. I'm also pretty inspired by the summer weather that has hit the UK in the past week! Everything looks more inspiring in sunlight.
A├»ssa said…
I watched that episode last night. Words fail me to express the fascination I feel about the show, especially this season. It's a rarity, a relatively mass media product that entertains me yet makes me question, analyze, criticize what I'm watching. Like you, I feel like some storylines have an echo with events in my own life and no need for heavy handed pathos to empathize or antagonize (Pete!) with characters.
Fashion wise, what striked me was Peggy Olson's last outfit as she was leaving: that little hat in her hand, her portfolio under the arm, the purple dress and heels: smart, simple, perfect!
Jen said…
That was such an amazing episode. I had no idea what Joan or Peggy were going to do, but it's funny, I watched the episode when I was over-stressed this week, and it inspired me too. Can't forget Megan. I know it's overall good writing, but it's so neat to see a woman who just naturally belongs with Don.
miss sophie said…
i need to catch up on the latest season of MM soon. TV isn't dead after all if there's still shows like this on the air!
indigo16 said…
I have no access to this current series of mad Men and really miss it a lot; I am waiting for the DVD to come out instead. I thought it was just me that seem to have their lives mirrored by the story lines, although not with Peggy’s. Mine is the Mr Stirling & Joan relationship which went on and off and on for nearly 17 years. Sometimes when I am watching it, it is like the writer/s knew word for word what had gone between us. That is what makes it so great; it is one of the few multidimensional programs that portray us with all that is good and less attractive in our lives. I can't wait for this next series which will hit the years I was growing up.
lin said…
Kate: I'm too lazy to even cook!

Aissa: I was very struck by the dress too, so chic, and extremely chic by her usual standards.

And you are right, Mad Men is a drama, but it somehow never feels heavy handed to me.

Jen: Megan is a bit of a hit and miss for me, I like her but her character sometimes hits false notes for me.

miss sophie: TV is most definitely not dead - it's my main source of mass media entertainment these days.

indigo16: Mr Stirling and Joan! I'm intrigued.

Exactly, I like that the characters are good and terrible at the same time, and they somehow always inspire my empathy.

I hope you get your hands on the DVD soon!
0000 said…
If you love looking into the symbolism of Mad Men clothing, then you should check out tomandlorezno! They do in depth reviews of the wardrobe and the storyline that is really interesting!
lin said…
0000: Oh yes I have read that, love it.
positdesign said…
How do the Mad Men writers do it? I think that has to do with the fact that Mad Men is THE ONLY show on television with a female-majority writing staff.

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