IMG_5155 Water.

IMG_5152 Metal. Wood.

Happy Friday!


Ammu said…
Happy Friday to you too! Love those sandals - just the right amount of flash.
Eileen said…
It's a Happy Day!!
Are the sandals the Massimo ones?
lin said…
Ammu: Thanks!

Eileen: Yes, they're from Massimo.
Meri said…
Happy Friday! I love those sandals as well, especially the simplicity of them. They will look so good with a tan and a pair of denim shorts.
Oh this is just too too good.
lin said…
Meri: Thanks, I hope you had a good weekend too!

editor: Agree, I felt good about the combination all day...
Aïssa said…
Perfect mix of elements! I feel that it's one of the joy of warm weather dressing, being able to enjoy that lightness and play with materials, colors without the restrictions of rollecoaster weather.

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