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IMG_9129 Kew Gardens,London, October 2011

Lindsay K blogged about respite a little while ago, and green spaces are my escape spot of choice at the moment. That's a little hard on a daily basis but I get by thinking of some of the nicest green spaces I've seen.

Also, other small pleasures: 
  • Blue shirts, blue shirts. Still my favourite thing to wear for work and play. I could probably start the blue shirt equivalent of La Marinière at this point, but I’ve been feeling unmotivated about Tumblr lately. Image saturation I suppose.
  • Apart from blue shirts, I’ve been really into my long-sleeve t-shirts of late. They just seem easier, and I like how a long, slim/skinny sleeve extending to the wrist has a clean, elegant quality.
  • TV madness – on my watch list now are "30 Rock", "The Walking Dead", "Mad Men", and "Game of Thrones", "Modern Family" and "Community". This is between my occasional but long-running viewings of "QI" and "Top Gear". Thank goodness "The Good Wife" has ended and I finally finished "Homeland". Yes, #firstworldproblems.
  • I may travel to eastern Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Prague) in June for work, and I’m likely to extend my stay to do some travelling for leisure – extend my stay in Hungary, or make my maiden voyage to Romania. Even better, try and score some tickets to the Euro 2012 final in Kiev. 
  • I’ve started swimming again, to add more cardio to my exercise regime. I didn't know how much I missed it until I started it again. 
  •  I look forward to getting my hair trimmed each month. It's energising. 
Happy weekend! 


Fleurette said…
I hope you get to travel to eastern Europe! So beautiful. I've been to Prague twice, first time was a school trip and we did all the things music students had to do: concerts at the Rudolfinum, ballets, operas, Dvorak-museum, black box theatre etc. If you're into classical music and such, you'll like it. The tickets are very cheap too, plus the venues are pure beauty, just like in the old paintings and movies. And Budapest is just beautiful!

You make me want to start swimming again btw!
Anonymous said…
Central Europe, not eastern...:)))
Ammu said…
I loved Vienna and Prague - especially Prague. Let me know once you know for sure about the trip and I will send you my recommendations. What a wonderful thing to look forward to!
it makes my day to be able to watch modern family.
lin said…
Fleurette: I've been to Budapest and Prague and loved as well...perhaps this time I can make time to appreciate some of Prague's more classical offerings!

And I say go out and start swimming! Especially with all the warm weather in the months ahead.

Anon: Ah, my bad, for oversimplifying geography!

Ammu: That's great, thanks! You should really publish your travel advice...there will be many grateful travellers.

Pret a Porter P: I've started to think of them as my extended family...
Anonymous said…
Hair trims are really the best thing about having hair!
petrichore said…
Huge "30 Rock" fan here, as well as "Parks and Recreation," "Mad Men," and "Grimm" (hey, it's filmed in Portland, I've got to support the home team, so to speak). I've been meaning to check out "Community" (especially since my husband is a professor at a community college).

Is it just me, or has the writing for television shows vastly improved since the 1990s? Even for non-cable channels, it seems.

The trip to Budapest, etc. sounds really incredible! What a fun thing to look forward to.
Eileen said…
How blessed to be going there for work!

Love light blue shirts too although I only have one since I don't wear them often.
lin said…
editor: when the hairdresser is giving me a head massage as she shampoos my hair, the "snip snip" sound of scissors...yes i wholeheartedly agree with you!

petrichore: I love Community, I think if you like Parks and Recreation you'd like it, it has the same "not taking itself too seriously" quality.

I grew up loving TV, but I think in terms of variety it's gotten so much better; eg for a while sitcoms were just trying to ape the 'Friends' formula but it's just gotten a lot more diverse to cater to a variety of comedy tastes. Same for drama.

Eileen: To be honest, I don't need for than one...but it is a weakness.
Cato said…
Hey! I'm very late to comment on this, sorry! But your travel plans sound so good, how about Munich, it's so close to Prague and Vienna?? ;) And do you need any advise for the places? I don't think I know anything more special than what you'll find in any tourist guide for Prague (and Budapest - I was there as a child lol) but I found some really nice places in Vienna last year, some recommended by my friend who goes there almost every year, and my Mom is from Romania, so I ought to be able to give you some general recommendations and tips. Not so much restaurants etc more general things. So don't hesitate but ask! ;) And have a wonderful time over here!!!

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