I am always interested in the people behind the clothes, and I find it reassuring whenever the designer lives ther aesthetic they create, and look like they actually enjoy wearing their own clothes. This especially so for women designers, because how can I trust the vision of a woman who doesn't live her own vision?
Maria Cornejo of Zero+Maria Cornejo is one wears her clothes so so well, and from the looks of the photo above, so is Camilla Staerk. I find black on black tremendously hard to do well, let alone in an original way, and she does it to perfection, regal and elegant.


-h said…
darkly regal.
but my goodness, i think that her bag must weigh a ton! and must be virtually impossible to find things in. in fact i think i could fit in her bag.
but she carries it like it's weightless.
enc said…
I was thinking along the same lines as -h; that bag is the most outsize bag I've ever seen. And the angle of the shot presents her as a very interestingly-proportioned woman.
fashionaddict said…
Her bag and her outfit should have been very heavy looking, but she somehow looks very effortless. Agree that the bag doesn't seem too practical...I would never find the bottom.
fashionaddict said…
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