all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

At a chi chi-type dinner last night (food: "haute nouveau chinese", a combination that i have never personally seen warm any appetites) which I attended under the auspices of work, I took in all the suits and cocktailwear around me and reflected on rather out-of-placeness of my own work-to-dinner outfit: a favourite navy linen dress with square neckline loosely belted, and a favourite pair of ballerinas. (I did consider a smarter dress, but considering I didn't want to be there to begin with, I dismissed the notion.)

I was reminded that I have been working in casual and "wear whatever you want" environment, and that I was fortunate to do so.

But since I am contemplating a job switch, I am realising that in the imminent future, there is a strong chance that my wardrobe built entirely around my denim jeans collection will not cut it anymore.

Corporate culture is so alien to me. Work wear-wise, I've always identified strongly with this work wear special in the November issue of British Elle -

I felt depressed at the thought of a non-denim work future, so I re-read the section last night to cheer myself up.

Their regular work wear feature is always a treat for me.

I've always found these pages highly relevant to what I don for work - low-key, chic, interesting details, on the side of casual but still smart enough to look appropriate and professional. But outside of the Elle pages, the corporate look in Singapore seems a lot more conservative to me.
I hope I land a job that's further away from that end of the continuum.


-h said…
sometimes when i see these work wear features some of the outfits are too outlandish for a more conservative environment (like the girl in the baggy lt ensemble)

i cant be as "edgy" as i used to be where i work now. im supposed to be more conservative, while ive always dressed discreet, i mix classic with modern pieces so that i dont feel boring. i usu. look at vogue paris (esp. their en vogue feature) for inspiration, because i find their clothes surprisingly classic, but worn in a modern way.

i think the trick is to find clothes that have the ease of your casual clothes.
enc said…
I was very surprised by how casual (yet very chic) your work outfits were. Here, that would never fly in an office. This is not to say you didn't/don't look good. You always do. It's just that in most offices, things are quite formal.

It could be a great opportunity for you to find new ways to express your style, if you change jobs, and you find that the dress code is more formal. Your minimalist style and taste will work well, even if the atmosphere is more structured.
Anonymous said…
It was certainly interesting for me to read this post. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.
fashionaddict said…
- h: i always try to find trousers that reminds me of my jeans, or blouses with a t-shirt feel.

enc: on some level, i think i am excited by the idea of adapting my look and adding elements i have never tried before.

anonymous: thanks!
Ammu said…
Love Denise Tang's style - so inspiring.

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