sand and shopping centres

I'm off to Dubai - the land of superlatives - for a work trip on Monday, though the itinerary is of the sort where I'm not really doing much work. There are plenty of visits to the world's biggest this, tallest that, first this - and shopping malls count as tourist attractions. I suppose when they include water parks and ski slopes as features, they sort of are.

It's a challenge packing for possible 39 degree (celsius) heat when you're also advised to dress sort of conservatively - nothing too short or skimpy - though Dubai, with its large expat population, hardly requires you to cover yourself head to toe. Still, I prefer not to attract unnecessary attention or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

My super-useful and versatile tote from Longchamp will be the only bag I am bringing. I love this bag.

A lightwright scarf to keep me warm, and also useful as a headscarf should we visit any mosques -

Sandals and flats -

I'm still debating if I need sneakers.

I wore this dress to death in my university days because it was so comfortable walking all over my huge campus in something loose and caftan-y like this -

It's perfect for hot weather but not at all flimsy and hits the knee so I don't show too much leg.

We have one dinner that is sort of formal, so I am bringing along a second dress that can also double as a day dress should I need it so -

I think it's not unacceptable to wear sleeveless things, but I am bringing this to wear as a cover-up unbuttoned over my sleeveless tops should I need to. It is thin so it shouldn't suffocate me.

One pair of jeans, because I can't seem to function anywhere without them. These are wide-legged and light, very good for warm weather.

Another pair of loose-ish pants, these are cropped at the ankle, and basically are a smarter version of jogging pants.

Also brought along a pair of shorts so that I have something to wear to the pool in, etc.

Haven't quite decided which tops to bring, but have narrowed down to these few -

I certainly don't need five tops for a four day trip on top of the dresses I am bringing, but I think I should bring along one spare if I have the space, in case I need to change for than once a day because of the weather. I'll probably decide when I actually pack my things away.
In any case, I think I have enough things to look reasonably presentable, but relaxed to my hosts, and looking forward to visiting the Middle East for the first time! Seeing a desert for the first time too! Wished I could extend my trip and visit more countries in the region (Jordan!) but I am saving my leave for a longer trip later this year. Still, it's good to be able to take a break from the office, however briefly.


mode.ulation said…
I love your summery tops, especially the white basic ones =)

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