perfect 10

I love Zero Maria Cornejo and long for a day where I can buy some of her pieces without flinching at the prices (do I need a new job or what). My number one problem is that I have no idea where to find her pieces in Singapore, and I hate parting with money for something without seeing it with my eyes and trying it on first. So I spend many minutes staring her things on La Garconne wondering what it feels like and looks like on, and then decide that I can't afford a US$500 risk like that for a pair of trousers.

According to, Ms Cornejo is taking her show on the road and setting up a pop-up shop at Brachfeld Gallery in Paris from June 20 through July 11, and giving those lucky French a chance to gawk at her "forever dresses", like the Foil dress above, plus a retrospective of her decade-long career. Wouldn't I like to be there.

Image courtesy of zero maria cornejo, taken from


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