kicking back

I've been feeling rather under the weather lately. Literally - I spent most of the past week fighting off what felt like the onset of the flu while getting my work done and getting dressed in the morning was a serious drudge and no fun at all - something I really hate. Why is it so easy sometimes to put on something that puts a bounce in your step and other times the same things makes you feel so...flat.

I was also recovering from buyer's remorse - I lost all self-control this month and shopped even though I a) bought myself a nice expensive bag in April and decided that for that one splurge I had no reason to indulge any further except on necessities; b) am planning on travelling a fair bit later this year and ought to be saving; and c) really, seriously, have too much clothing.

Instead, I managed buy even more things in May than I normally do over several months. What the hell happened?

I guess I was feeling a bit sick of the stuff I was wearing - basically I haven't worn anything that showed my legs because of the sandfly plague I'm recovering from - so my eye seemed so much more drawn to the new than usual. And I have also been feeling very unchallenged by work, which I notice makes me shop more impulsively.

In any case, if I don't start behaving like a rational adult soon, I am going to have to impose one of those shopping bans, which I don't want to because I can't believe I need to punish myself with anything so draconian.

(I do love my new things though. Those jazz shoes on the left in the picture above are one of them. So comfortable and versatile.)


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