I am not a jewellery person, and this is something I came to discover through actualy liking and buying jewellery and realising I don't wear them. There have been passionate but short-lived affairs - a gold charm necklace from Topshop I wore almost everyday for nearly a year, and then stopped; a silver charm necklace with dog tags and a lightning bolt I wore often (when I wasn't wearing the Topshop one) and then stopped; a thin silver bracelet modelled on an actual medieval bracelet I bought from a museum gift shop I wore almost daily and then stopped. Since then (that was 2007), I haven't worn or bought jewellery.

Point being, I don't wear jewellery on a sustained jewellery, and I haven't thought it about it much.

Lately however, rings of all things have been catching my fancy. I don't go for rings because I find it sort of impractical and always wind up taking it off for some reason, and I don't like my hands (large palms, large bony knuckles from cracking them too much, sort of wrinkly, not very long fingers).

It started with this really cute ribbon ring my older sister purchased in Bangkok -

Then I saw this really sweet ring by Finn in US Vogue, nice cross between antique and modern and utterly charming -

Which led me to check out rings on Barneys because the ring is apparently sold there, and then I saw this Cathy Waterman branch ring. I like nature motifs in jewellery -

I've also been admiring this Bubble ring fro Tiffany & Co, which is the priciest of the lot and waaaay out of my budget, as most things I like at Tiffany are.

I have admired chunky and ornate rings for as long as I can remember, though such rings don't flatter my hands and do get in the way, which is one reason why I haven't been much of a ring person. But I've come to realise that slender bands work best with my hands, and when I think about it, they go better with my style too.
A case of dressing according to my body type? Is this a chicken or egg first type question? Am I adjusting my eye towards my physicality, or did I always have a latent preference for slender rings? Am I thinking too much? Probably.

In any case, I am unlikely to start buying seriously jewellery any time soon unless this passing fancy turns into a serious passion. But it is fun to look.
Images from (from top) my own, vogue us, barneys, tiffany & co


joanne teichman said…
I hope you visit our site to see the entire collection of Cathy Waterman rings, including this branch one with stones. Best, Joanne @ Ylang 23


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