plaids please

I was scanning Fashion Nation, trying to catch up on what I missed style-wise on our little sunny island, when I came across this post about the hunt for perfect plaids and checks. "What luck," I thought. "Didn't I just buy a plaid shirt when I was in Taiwan?"
The shots of various cool looks in plaid from Face Hunter gave me the inspiration to get off my ass and try out a few things with my new buy (one of many, I have to say, from the endlessly fun street stalls and and night markets of Taipei). Below are some of the more fit-to-be-seen results.
I like this schoolboy-ish one the best, I'll probably wear this out for my brunch with a friend on Monday if it's not too warm.
This one, paired with my new skinny (It's just not going away, yet) jeans ( a bargain at 19.90 euros, from the H&M in Helsinki, one of our many H&M stops), is a bit cowgirl, a bit retro chic, and I might wear it with my new hat.
The rugged feel of plaid also goes some way in taking the skank out of my super-short LBD, which I have been too embarrassed to wear, and have only worn once since I bought it last year.
And I'm still not sure about this last look, which is a bit too That 70s' Show, but then it could be kind of cute.
I'm actually still experimenting with those wide-leg jeans (bought at Uniqlo in London) and figuring out what looks I could do with it, so maybe this could be one of them. Ballet flats might take the retro out vibe a bit? Maybe.
Oh what fun one little plaid shirt can bring to a day spent pretty much doing nothing.


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