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my style adjectives

Me trying out sofas in Melbourne. Kinda sad my husband didn't like this one but then I reckon taking care of the light-coloured fabric would have stressed me out.  Classic. Chill. ________ Chill. Minimal. ________ Relaxed. Practical. ________ While recovering from COVID, I had a lot of time to melt my brain watching videos by Amy Smilovic of Tibi , and stylist Allison Bornstein . It wasn't all interesting (sometimes it was a bit grating), but this idea of having "style adjectives" to describe your style (three seems to be the magic number) stuck in my head.  I drew a blank when I asked myself what my adjectives were. At the heart of it, I am not a particularly creative or expressive dresser, nor do I seem to have much to say about it at this stage of my life. But I tried anyway, because why not, when one is recovering from COVID?  To start, I like 90s minimalism. I like 50s elegance. Clothes intrigue me when they suggest an interesting life, and when they express the

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