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perfect 10, a decade on

In 2011 (oh my lord that was a decade ago), I wrote a post about my perfect 10 -- the 10 items in my wardrobe I reached for most regularly. They were: 2 shirts, 2 t-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of ballet flats, my YSL Tribute tote, and my watch. Pretty timeless options, and yet much has changed. I haven't worn a shirt in ages, I would never buy ballet flats now because I don't find them comfortable anymore, I carried the Tribute tote less and less over the years after buying lighter bags, and those three pairs of jeans are all too small and low on the rise for me now. I am still a jeans and t-shirts girl, but even within those confines there can be plenty of variation. Today, I have "technology" to spit out data (Airtable, lol) on my actual current top 10s, down to the number of wears since December 2020. They are: Black patent Birkenstock sandals - 59 wears Denim high waist shorts from Uniqlo U - 47 wears Blue and silver Prism tote from Bao Bao - 38 wears  Black

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