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taking stock

2021 feels like 2020 with the same problems but without the sense of urgency that powered me through. It is only March, but there are days where I feel an intense weariness. In most ways my life has not been affected by COVID - my job is secure, I have a home, I have good relationships with my family and friends, and Singapore appears to have gotten the outbreak under control. I go to shops and cinemas and restaurants (with masks on). Life is comfortable. But it also feels as though life has gotten smaller, and while for some the pandemic provided the pause to catalyse change, for me it seems to have held me more firmly in my (comfortable) place. At work, a beloved mentor has decided to resign and further her studies. "There's a season for everything," she told us.  Onward to other things.  Last year, right before we rolled into 2021, I decided one rainy afternoon to create an inventory of all my clothes on Airtable. I documented a total of 231 items, from outerwear to sw

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