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personal style, sienna miller, a new mood, and wishlisting.

Image from OZMA of California . I love the photography and styling.  This is a very random post, as you might be able to tell from the title. I find that I escape into thinking about personal style and shopping whenever I'm a bit stressed from work, and that certainly was in the case the last couple of weeks. And the result is this post.  One of the things I watched on repeat while decompressing from my work days was this video of Sienna Miller breaking down seven outfits over seven days . It stuck with me because her style from day to day was varied. Like Kate Moss in the 90s' and 2000s', her style isn't about a singular "look", but a reflection of her taste*. She has a knack for picking good clothes and wearing them well in her own way. That's personal style for you. (To understand what the opposite looks like, you only need to watch the other videos in the same series...the one of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an example of how you can choose very good c

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