the darkening sky

Knights Point, South Island, New Zealand

The air yesterday morning was yellow, acrid, humid, and the heat didn't help much. But I wasn't thinking of that.

I woke up dreaming of an afternoon months and months ago, when we drove for hours, crossing mountains criss-crossed with waterfalls like silver threads on dark green wool.

On we drove, alone on the road, no cars in either direction. When we reached the sea, it felt like the end of the world.

The wind was cold, sharp and salty. The air that flowed into our lungs was clean and biting. We were silent, hands shoved in our pockets, a fine rain misting our faces. Where did the sea end, and where did the sky begin?

Minutes of a trip, and yet it's these moments in between destinations, these little snatches of time that suddenly bob up on a sea of memories, that bring you inexorably back to a moment when you were suspended in time, in no hurry to go anywhere. Such peace.


*sniff* now you're making me homesick.
miss sophie said…
ahh, so beautifully written and what a lovely memory.
Eileen said…
It's hauntingly beautiful! Was this taken using your Canon or iphone?:)

It was so smokey this morning. I washed my hair and mins after stepping out of the house, I smelled like I just came out of a club:(
Ammu said…
Gorgeous post and such a stunning photo. Reminded me of my time in New Zealand - peace indeed!
Kali said…
What a nice tale! This is the kind of moments that makes you want to travel again, discover new places don't you think? And, you make me want to go to New Zealand even more now...
lin said…
marlene: i'm not from there, and i miss it too. when was the last time you went back?

miss sophie: thanks!

eileen: my canon :) i'm suddenly embracing our air-con nation. many places to escape to to enjoy air-conditioning for free in the day... even orchard was less crowded because people are trying to stay home.

ammu: thanks!

kali: you must go some day!

by the way, air in s'pore is awful now. pack eye drops if you have sensitive eyes, and buy an N95 mask...
Jocy said…
Lindsay K said…
Gorgeous photo and beautiful words. This post made me dig out pictures from my trips to New Zealand- utter relaxation:)

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