notes for june

  • Last week, I opened my last bottle of Pinot Gris that I bought in New Zealand in December. Every drop made me feel better about my lousy day, and made me long to be on the road again.
  • I created a Tumblr for my travel photos because so many of my photos are just languishing in my various hard drives. For a start, I’m posting one photo of every country I’ve visited.
  • Shortly after, I found Freunde Von Freunden’s travel section. Love it.
  • After looking around all year, I found what could be the straw perfect hat via Tomboy Style (it’s actually palm leaf) for my trip.
  • Another buy for the trip: A copy of Zoe Heller's "The Believers". 
  • Kinfolk’s latest issue poses the question: why haven’t I been to Japan?


Anonymous said…
Ohh, I was very happy to see the photo of Krakow, "my city" -well, I don't live there anymore, but its close to my heart. I love travelling too, and so envy you your travel plans (and the past diving trips!) given that Im expecting a baby next month, I feel I wont be able to travel anymore, which is a shame...anyway, thanks for sharing
Petya K. Grady said…
Ooooh, report back on the Heller book!!!
miss sophie said…
love that you now have a travel photo tumblr. and yes i'm curious about your Heller read!
Sue said…
What a gorgeous tumblr. And I especially loved the picture of the Big Buddha on Lantau Island - I think the only place I've been on your tumblr. I need to do some more travelling (but not with two kids in tow).
Maja H said…
Wow, you really are a well-traveled lady! I've only been to Krakow of the places you photographed, that city is gorgeous. I would go back in a heartbeat :)
Ammu said…
Well done on the tumblr! Your photographs are gorgeous.
I am sorry work has been rough of late...hope things get better soon. Your photographs make me excited to move out of Delhi - which I will do later this year. Not sure where yet, but the journey will be exhilarating regardless of the destination.
escritora said…
My city, Krakow :)
Kali said…
A travel pictures tumblr, what a good idea! This is the kind of thing that makes me want to buy a proper camera for my upcoming travels...

And yes, you should definitely visit Japan one day. Both the modern and traditional sides of the country are worth the sight!
lin said…
anon: Thanks! I hope to go back to Krakow some day, it's such a lovely place.

Having a baby is quite a journey I imagine! In any case, we have our whole lifetimes to travel!

Petra: I will! I like Zoe Heller a lot as a writer, and find her kind of underrated (but so many women writers are underrated compared to the men)!

miss sophie: it has been so fun going through my old pictures and reliving them. I seemed to have misplaced one hard drive though, which is really sad because I've got all my India pictures in there. Hope I find it.

Sue: Thanks! Lautau Island is such an iconic place to me because it's in so many great HK movies hahaha. And it's really scenic in its own right.

Travelling with kids sounds like a real challenge, but I imagine it's so good for the child!

Maja H: I hope to go back to Krakow, I was only 3 days there, before I went to...I think I was headed to Estonia. It's so elegant but it's also got a cool, edgy vibe.

Ammu: Thanks! It feels very cathartic, for some reason. I like in a way it's nice to look back at how I saw places compared to how I remember them.

Big change! I can't wait to hear more about this when you have the time to share. Keep me posted :)

escritora: ! I wanted to go there last year when I was in Prague but couldn't make it...have always thought it was a shame I didn't spend more time there.

Kali: I agree, it's nice to have more than just a phone camera sometimes.

I will make it to Japan some day! No excuse when it's actually pretty nearby!
Loving the tumblr, that is when it makes sense to venture into yet another social media platform! Please visit Japan and report back for me as I'm budgeting too haha ;)
lin said…
Letitia: Thanks! It is really fun giving Tumblr a whirl and their platform is way more photo friendly, even though I'm just using the free templates.
Eileen said…
Would like to see you in the hat! I seldom travel so it s always good to see your travel pics. Hope I get inspired enough to get my family out once in a while:)
Lindsay K said…
Congrats on the Tumblr- it's quite well done. Your photography is gorgeous and makes me reflect back on my travels:)I grew up living in several countries and traveling all the time with my parents, so I'm all for traveling often and to far off places with kids. It's an incredible education.

I've been feeling pure wanderlust, which I'm sure is a response to the intense demands of work. Luckily I have a few trips locked in on the horizon. I do hope that work eases for you and that you can enjoy your trip. Turkey is an amazing place!
Thanks for the links, Lin. I've been looking for a panama type hats for a while. Off to check out your tumblr. I haven't been traveling as much as I'd like to so will vicariously through you for now.
lin said…
Eileen: I haven't received the hat! Pretty sad that it might not arrive in time.

Lindsay K: Thanks! Looking forward to any posts you might do on your future travels...I love travel posts of any kind.

Marlene: I looked through your old posts on Turkey for ideas, incidentally :)

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