It's always a surprise, the number of things I can rediscover in my closet. My latest "find" is a pair of black peg-leg trousers with a high-ish paperbag waist - a staple during the days when I worked in a more conservative office.

I hadn't worn these in years. Mainly because I am now free to wear jeans and lost the desire to wear many other things, but also because these are a wool blend. While they are fairly lightweight, wool-anything makes me feel hot just thinking about it.

Still, I felt inspired looking at some pictures of trousers by Jesse Kamm, and missed their slightly awkward, jaunty quality, so I decided it was time to bring them out again.

How comfortable and right they felt when I pulled them on. I remember I bought them because I didn't want to take them off in the fitting room - it's the rare off-the-rack trouser that fits perfectly. Also, they respected my office milieu while allowing me to retain a sense of personality - wearing them, I was a garconne in a room full of corporate warriors. Anyone who has ever had to adapt to a dress code of sorts will recognise that sense of satisfaction when you've found a way to play by the rules without conforming. The right outfit gives you this sense of confidence.

Also, it's quite satisfying, looking past the "obvious" things in your closet and give the long-neglected pieces a new lease of life. The "reincarnated" version always feels more effortless to wear; not only do I know exactly how I want to wear to it, sometimes the passage of time allows me to see something in a new way and wear it differently. It also feels good knowing that this little something you picked up four years ago has legs after all.

Would love to know what you guys might have rediscovered in your wardrobe.


Kate said…
I love those pants! I understand how you feel about wool - even in winter here the heating makes it too warm to wear indoors.

I've recently rediscovered a simple t-shirt dress from H&M - really plain but just feels right for the weather at the moment.
Sue said…
I think for me, it was rediscovering that my old Jigsaw navy silk shirt still had legs. I bought it when I was working in an office and it fitted in with the style of dress that I adopted in those days with a skirt or trouser suit. I put it away for years and didn't wear it but it's found a new lease of life in the last year and it feels kind of right again. A bit like rediscovering the colour navy which seemed dowdy and wrong for so long and yet it seems to have become a bit of a go to colour for me this last half year or so. But it is a lovely bonus to find that you have something tucked away which just comes around again.
Tabet said…
great with the white top! :)
are those new shoes on the left? Tan shoes are very much your style signature.

I wore my black suit (9 yrs old!!) with a sweater vest I don't wear often. I default to wearing my flat-friendly pants and cardigans for work, that it was a nice change.
Ammu said…
They look terrific - especially with your lace-ups. I have recently rediscovered my tribal and tribal-influenced jewelry - after months wearing only delicate gold pieces, it's fun to change things up with chunky necklaces made of wood, silver, glass, amber. And they go very well with all the ikat I am wearing at the moment.
jamie-lee said…
Oh I love these - and that moment you speak of when you don't want to take something off. For me, I've recently rediscovered my Acne black sweater, it's mohair, and thick and warm for winter although tends to get forgotten whenever it gets warm and a long time thereafter
I think you've reminded me to go and dig around my closet. Lately, I've been wearing the same type of outfits everyday. Too boring to be photographed really.
lin said…
kate: these aren't too bad if i am indoors most of the day, but yeah wouldn't mind some summer-weight ones. But the wool is actually part of why they fit so great...cotton or linen would look really wrinkly and less sharp, i think.

the weather is always a driver for me to think creatively about what i own.

sue: it is! it also reminds me not to give things away too impulsively...i think too often we make snap decisions about clothes and don't give ourselves time to develop a 'relationship' before we lose interest and buy new things.

tabet: thank you!

pret a porter p: i bought those in 2011..yes i do have a thing for tan shoes, seems right for the climate and i've always felt dark-coloured shoes are too serious for me.

just thinking about owning something 9 years old and loving it makes me feel happy :)

ammu: thanks! it goes to show that no matter what we think, personal style isn't that static isn't it? we do have our own phases and it's matter of shifting comfortably between those zones without wanting to acquire new things all the time.

jamie-lee: sounds perfect for the NZ weather now!

marlene: haha too many of my outfits do not need to be seen on my blog too, very much variations on a theme.

Anonymous said…
I am a new reader.

This is why I really enjoyed your blog (have read through your whole archive of year 2012.), that we don's necessary always need new thing. But in fact, there must be a reason why we bought a certain piece in the past, that we may not like it now. and we must learn from that 'reason' and move on.
- I Ying
miss sophie said…
love your black pants - i love a cuffed hem. just did a post on summer pants - a cuffed trouser is exactly what i want to pair with my favorite sandals right now.
Lindsay K said…
What a lovely pair of trousers. Jaunty is the perfect word. I love cuffed trouser that hits at the ankle- so elegant.
lin said…
I Ying: Thanks for the kind words, it's always gratifying that people relate to what i write.

miss sophie: I wear most of my trousers cuffed or ankle length these days...suits my proportions and suits the summer too.

lindsay k: thanks!
Jocy said…
I recently moved back from living abroad. For three years, I lived in a really abbreviated version of my closet, and mainly only cottons, none of the silks I always wore. Then I came back to the US and had my luggage stolen within a month of being back - and was forced to live off the closet I left behind. It was incredible to come back and realize I didn't need all these things (my consumption habits pre-Cambodia were way out of control), but also it was great to rediscover how much content I felt wearing my favorite silk dresses. I felt as if I was shopping a stranger's closet.
Kali said…
Very nice! Sometimes I rediscover items from my wardrobe as well. Bought in certain circumtances, I got tired of it but after a few years, I remember why I liked it in the first place and wear it again. Anyway this pair of pants suits you very well, it looks like it can be both elegant and more on the casual side, depending on what you wear it with.
Anonymous said…
I really like the look on the right!
Lovely blog, you're a beautiful writer.

Rekindled a romance with an old denim motorcycle jacket I found in my winter closet and wore it literally everyday until last month when NY summer reared its ugly head pretty early. Wish I could pull off trousers like you though. Gotta love a skinny brown belt right ;)

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