this past weekend...

...I went to Bali and swam with a whale shark and a mola-mola (sunfish), hung out with some pygmy seahorses, stalked a couple of octopi, flirted with an eagle ray, ate some incredible Indonesian food, and chilled with beers in between.

What did you do?


(Yes I am showing off. But a girl doesn't swim with a whale shark the size of a bus and a mola-mola the size of a car every day.)


petrichore said…
Sounds amazing!
hannah-rose said…
ahhh what an amazing weekend! the idea of bali is growing more and more enticing to me at the moment.. I'd love to go there and just detox on city living a bit.

ps. instagram? what's your username??

Ammu said…
Ooh, great pictures! Glad you had a good weekend, I spent mine celebrating my best friend's birthday :)
Maja H said…
lin, you lucky lucky girl! I didn't do much this weekend - I got home from an autumn holiday visiting my parents/in-laws on Friday evening, so the remaining two days were spent relaxing, eating good food and getting the apartment in shape for a new work week :)
Katlyn said…
Lovely adventure you had!
Cato said…
Amazing!!! I'd love to see more pictures! Sorry for not having been much around lately, I still love your blog, but somehow real life has been quite busy lately.. My weekend on the other hand wasn't that exciting... I'm recovering from a quite persistent cold and just went to see an exhibition (Van Gogh to Kandinsky - really good!).

Eileen said…
I thought you have been busy!! What beautiful pictures,Lin:)
I had some time over the weekend to walk the length of Orchard Rd without buying anything. Great exercise for me!

Ps. Photos taken on iPhone? Pretty!
lin said…
petrichore: It was one of my best dive trips ever...Bali is always good to me!

hannah-rose: Bali, especially away from the main drag of Kuta and Seminyak is very laidback. Even the touts you encounter are far less pushy.

I don't instagram, but I've been meaning to!

Ammu: Sounds good, hope that went well!

Maja H: That sounds like a very productive weekend. I seem to spend my weekends catching up on sleep mostly...

Katlyn: It was! Best impulse decision ever.

Cato: I hope to get some underwater pictures and videos from my friends when they're ready.

Don't apologise! I'm very behind on blogs myself. Real life, like you said, was quite a pain lately.

Eileen: I was! I booked the trip to Bali on impulse actually because I just needed to hit the pause button.
Lol cruelest question to readers ever. ;)
Best reason for not blogger ever. :D
^ for not bloggING.
Kate said…
That sounds amazing! I spent the weekend eating good food and marking exercise books, booo.
miss sophie said…
ooohh major weekend envy here. spent my weekend mostly catching up with dear friends: visited a couple and their newborn baby, and had tea with another friend who just got back from her honeymoon (a safari!).
Aïssa said…
Same as Sophie: my eyes are turning green with envy!
Hum, last week-end I was hiding under covers while the rain and wind were battling up, caught up with my fave tv shows, with wine and comfort food.
Boy, am I envious or what?! Let's swap lives!
Katlyn said…
You should totally get Instagram! I would definitely follow you. Psss, I'm a new user.

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