notes for october


A few things I've been admiring...
  • Koto Bolofo's fall/winter campaign for Margaret Howell does the same beautiful work of looking at the details (of making a sweater) as the spring campaign did for a white shirt
  • Hillary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” – Influenced by all the press she got for winning the Booker again with “Bring up the bodies”, I bought this. Won over. 
  • Some ideas from the banking/finance industry that actually sound good
  • Susie Bubble’s take on running her first half marathon was touching and made me recall my own experience; it’s amazing, that powerful feeling of release and accomplishment after a good run. And yes, I cried after my first half marathon too.
A few things I expect to welcome into my life in the next few months...
  • A blouse reworked from a dress – I’ve finally steeled my heart to chop one of my dresses into a blouse, because as a dress, its shelf life is over. 
  • My bridesmaids dress for a wedding in December. It’s still being finished. It’s a very vivid coral pink but I think I’ll dye it black or navy after, if it can be done – the tailor is a good one and it would a waste to let her work go unworn.
A few things I want...
  • I think I'm ready for a small casual leather purse for weekends. Nothing too expensive. I like this Baggu one but wish I could see it in person first. 
  • Glasses – Mine are getting battered because I constantly fall asleep while still wearing them. But the perfect pair takes time to reveal itself.
  • Aesop's body balm in either geranium leaf or citrus leaf. My body lotion will run out in about a month and I like thinking about what to get next. There are cheaper ones but I'm big on scent and these two are winning...
And new things I've been trying...
  • Running regularly. I want to do some good trekking next year. 
  • Instagram. Hannah-rose asked me if I had an account recently, and I said no. Then I thought, "why not?". I'm "outofthebag" if you're interested. Not much there yet except my Bali pictures, and pictures of my feet. 


Nomadic D. said…
Sounds like good stuff! I started running this spring but in the heat and humidity of a midwest summer got more into swimming and haven't looked back. I would so love to do a half marathon one day though... Also love the idea of chopping a dress into a top. Must be brave and try that myself. And I'm looking for new glasses too (how can they get so beat up?!), I just fell in love with some Barton Perreiras, but I'm still debating plunking down such a good sum of money. Keep us posted on all of this!
Kate said…
I like your 'notes' posts - it's nice to see what is preoccupying my favourite bloggers apart from fashion. I'll be interested to see how your bridesmaid dress dying goes after the wedding - I may be in a similar position soon, although I haven't seen the dress.

I'd be interested in a post on running! How you got started, what you wear etc.
miss sophie said…
love your notes posts :)

as for running, i'm also a newbie runner, and just did a post on it! the emotional benefits of running are quite a revelation.
Joy said…
Seems like you had a fun month so far. Do you think I need to get Wolf Hall before I read Bring Up the Bodies?
Sue said…
I loved going through Susie Bubble's post on her marathon and it's amazing to think of how something like this really affects you. I still can't imagine taking up running though - I think some people just take to it but I am not one of them.

As for the dress chopping business. I've just chopped another one to make it a harder working item in my wardrobe. Not for the faint hearted but if done right, will be so right.
lin said…
Nomadic D: I don't think I'll ever train for races again - I don't really love running in a large crowd and running long distance is really hard work! I just take it easy with short, frequent ones now.

I believe in spending on glasses since I wear them every day, but I need to counter that with the fact that I can be careless with them so the chances of damaging them are high, haha.

Kate: Thanks, I like doing these posts to reflect on a month, makes me feel a little more organised, ahah.

I hope to have some pictures of the dress soon, going for the fitting in a few weeks. I've never dyed a dress before so that needs some research.

Did you see miss sophie's running post on Pretty good stuff!

miss sophie: I saw your post! :)

Joy: I pretty much know nothing about the Tudors and Thomas Cromwell and the story unfolds chronologically, so for me starting with Wolf Hall was a must. I'm not sure how Bring Up The Bodies reads on its own, haven't finished Wolf Hall!

Sue: I started running in school because I was in sports and trained a lot. I hated it because it was such a grind. But after a while I realised I actually relish the grind haha. Plus it's such a good workout, and it's free!

Do show pictures of your new "top" on your blog!
Amanda said…
I just recently started Instagramming and it's addictive!

With everyone's talk of running, I feel like such a sloth, it usually takes me a few weeks to muster the will to step away from the computer to head to the gym, but the sense of accomplishment after a good long run is unbeatable.
V. Lau said…
A friend of mine has the natural Baggu bag and she says it's not worth the price! The leather doesn't have any protectant over it so hers is permanently stained from her jeans :(
lin said…
Amanda: It is! Especially so for food pictures I think.

After I mentioned that I've been running, I immediately had a bad case of a pinched/compressed nerve in my lower back which left me in extreme discomfort from my hips down both legs for two days. Which pretty much threw running out of the window for the rest of my week. It's going to be painful to pull myself out of inertia and starting again!

V Lau: Oh dear...well I had very little intention of buying it without seeing it in person so I suppose it's destined to be a passing fancy. Thanks for the tip!

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