they came home with me, october edition


- Margaret Howell shirt

- Orla Kiely for Uniqlo scarf
- Seafolly bikini

- Uniqlo linen shirt
- Massimo Dutti linen knit henley
- MHL by Margaret Howell cotton-linen sailor top

- Filippa K navy cotton twill shirtdress
- COS cream chunky cotton knit tank
- Pointer cream canvas sneakers
- Massimo Dutti low-heeled t-strap pumps

- Sam Edelman sandals

Shopping died down for me a bit in the last few months. I was distracted by other things that cost money - holidays (Bali this month, NZ in December) and so I wasn't inclined to spend on other things. And for the most part I hadn't fallen in love with things.

I had a serious moment with a navy Céline Phantom Cabas, but shall be content with borrowing my sister's black one from time to time. It's superbly made, - holds a laptop without losing its shape, discreet yet distinctive. If I didn't already have perfectly gorgeous day bags, I would buy it without a second thought.

Well, onto these Sam Edelman sandals. They were definitely a lemming moment. All year, various bloggers (you know who you are) raved about them and they looked great. I admired them but never for a moment thought they had a place in my life. Then one of my sisters bought a pair in beige and I tried them on and it was a "wow, this changes everything" moment. It took me 15 minutes to get online, locate a pair in tan on, and buy them.

I felt anxious immediately after. It felt impulsive and I was convinced it was a mistake. I felt embarrassed.

They arrived a couple weeks later. I tried them on, and felt better. They felt right. They are very comfortable (the soft cushioned soles!) and they add a different dimension to all my usual outfits. My eyes had gotten so used to my usual uniforms that it was refreshing to have shoes change the dynamic in a small way.

I don't wear them as often as say, my reliable ballet flats, but I think they're a pretty great variation in my shoe collection. When you stick pretty much to a uniform, it's great to find the right shoe that helps change the tone a little to keep things fresh.



Ammu said…
Oh they are lovely. That heel is just perfect. Now you have got me tempted!
Maja H said…
I love those, especially the metal detail on the heel. I bought a pair of Sam Edelman sandals in another style this spring and hadn't heard of the brand before, but I am really pleased with mine :)
Sue said…
They are lovely. I admired them when Marlene got a pair and convinced myself I needed a pair in black which luckily I was unable to locate and so I went without. I found an alternative black pair of sandals because I am that way inclined and exercise far less control over my spending than yourself but I have to say, you made a good choice. Please don't start me off on another quest to find a pair again!!
Alexandra said…
Oh wow. Really love those.
They look nice on you, and I like your jeans too.
Lindsay K said…
They're lovely! The heigh and touch of gold adds a unique twist. I've also been pleasantly surprised with my one Sam Edelman purchase- a pair of booties!

I remember eyeing these on Marlene's blog:)
Amanda said…
The heel is really unique. Looks like something you could wear from day to night easily. Sometimes impulse buys make the best purchases.
jamie-lee said…
I just cannot get over how disciplined you are when it comes to shopping, you seem to be good at carefully selecting items to buy throughout the year and I envy you for it!

Love the sandals, I had been eying them up myself but managed to locate the Chloe version on eBay for practically the same price, all I can say is that I hope they look as good and are as comfotable for me!

Lastly, where in NZ are you heading? xx
hannah-rose said…
I've loved these for ages!!!! Oh man I'm jealous. I would wear these all the time - they look like the perfect slightly dressy sandal, my problem with the fact I wear sandals so much is that some of them are hard to dress up. But that golden heel is amazing. Excellent buy, and they look great with your jeans and sweater combo!

rachel said…
These look great on you! I have seen them all over, too, and may have to consider a pair for next summer. Like Lindsay, I've been relatively satisfied with a pair of Sam Edelman booties...sometimes they really get the flattering and simple design right.
Eileen said…
I got a black pair some months back after I saw Marlene's. Found a last 36 on NM and was so happy when they came. They are so comfortable! Have been looking for a tan pair but they seem to be sold-out everywhere.

You look great in yours, Lin!!
lin said…
Ammu: They're really really practical for any who doesn't like high heels and stand up to lots of walking. I can see you in them!

Maja H: I've always thought their designs were too flashy for me so was pleasantly surprised. And yes, they're better made than I thought too.

Sue: Haha, I hate to be an enabler. And you already have a few pairs of great looking sandals!

Alexandra and Prêt à Porter P: Thanks!

Lindsay K: I love the gold heel as well, which I have managed to scratch.

Amanda: If only they all work out so well. I probably wouldn't have taken a risk if I hadn't tried my sister's before (we are the same size).

jamie-lee: I've been trying to shop more carefully for years! Can't wait to see your Chloes on your blog.

I'm headed to South Island!

hannah-rose: These are great in a slight dressy way, you are right, I am wearing them with my most casual outfits to dress them up!

rachel: I was probably pushed towards buying them because I've seen them all over - it's great to see the different ways in which they can be worn..something a static image on a website couldn't have done.

Eileen: Yes I saw yours! I found mine on they'll still have your size left (shipping is quite cheap!).
lin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lovely silhouette. I love how casual they look from the front and then the flash of metal. Keeping a buying log is so useful to get a clear view of exactly how much/what we buy.
So you finally caved and bought a pair too? Good on ya! I find that these Trinas just go with everything. Jamie-Lee just reminded me that you're heading to South Island soon. Hope you'll get a chance to check out Strawberry Fare. I just remembered the name of the American breakfast diner on 96 Hereford Street Christchurch ( The owners used to be American before they were bought over but the breakfast is still as awesome as ever.
Aïssa said…
The shoes are lovely, very Stella McCartney and more on point, they suit you perfectly!
I enjoy this kind of little changes. It's nothing drastic but still brings that fresh factor to your looks!
lin said…
Jeanne-Aurore: I like how casual they look as well, most heels are too dressy for me and look incongruous with my outfits.

Keeping a log is like keeping track of my daily expenses, it makes it really obvious what needs to go.

Marlene: Blogger reviews like yours really helped!

I really hope I have time to try all those eating places in NZ...the trip still feels rather far away at this point though.

Aissa: Like you said in your post about trying new things, I think we all need a balanced dose of breathes new life into things we already have too.

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