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Benjamin Evans 


  • White lace tank
  • White cotton sleeveless shirt 
  • Blue and white linen shirt 
  • Navy and beige striped long sleeve tee
  • Grey cotton tee (for trail walks)
  • Denim shorts 
  • Black skinny cropped trousers 
  • Leggings (for trail walks) 
  • Some kind of cardigan I think. 
  • Cream chucks (I think they suffice for trail walks? But I may bring a pair of Merrells if I have room)
  • Gold sandals 
  • Black flip flops
  • Small leather messenger purse
  • Canvas tote that rolls up small
  • Some scarves
  • A belt
  • Maybe a dress 
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Toiletries
  • Various chargers 
  • Camera
  • Book 
Will probably add a top to the list. Am I going to freeze? The days look very  warm but the nights look a bit nippy for shorts.


Decided against the navy Massimo Dutti linen blazer because I can't bear the thought of another garment that needs dry cleaning. But the sale yielded up the perfect white henley to replace an older henley. Was very tempted by a pair of lemon yellow flats, such an unexpected choice for me. Am I falling for all those trend messages about "The Bright Flat"?

Meanwhile, to my surprise, a top I long admired on NAP went on sale. I bought it.


Piles of work I need to finish before I go, handover to be done so that things I'm responsible for run smoothly while I am away, prepping whatever I can to make sure I don't drown in work when I return. I'm quite scared. 

And happy Monday to everyone! 

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Ammu said…
Have fun! I would pack an extra cardigan, just in case it gets cold. Plus they are a good defence against overzealous air-conditioning.
Lindsay K said…
Those last few days before holiday or longer business trips are always so tough. I'm always so overwhelmed and working round the clock, but things always end up going well in the end. You just have to remind yourself of that.

I hope you wrap things up soon and enjoy your trip. I really love Vienna and Prague!

Your packing list looks good. I would bring an extra layer or two, but I'm always freezing. Enjoy your trip!
Maja H said…
I don't have much packing advice, as I only ever pack for freezing-to-semi-warm weather, but I hope you have a wonderful trip! I've installed a countdown widget on my phone to keep track of how long I have left for my holiday - not quite at the packing stage just yet ;)
Kirsten said…
the weather has been pretty undecided over the past weeks here in Germany from freezing and very rainy to warm and sunny. so you better be prepared for that - with a decent jacket or cardigan or other piece of knitwear to keep you warm. I also recommend taking a decent pair of leather shoes with you - it might be too cold for sandals and if your chucks get soaking wet from rain it won't be fun walking around in them.
have a great trip!
Eileen said…
Jia you Jia you!

Hope everything at work goes smoothly:)
f. said…
Bring the Merrells or some other leather shoes, and no matter how warm it is, be sure to bring some waterproof outerwear with a hood! Berlin's been going through a cool -> hot -> thunderstorm cycle for months and you are almost sure to get rained on.
lin said…
Ammu: I'm trying to decide between a cardigan and a jacket but it looks like I may need to pack both, gah.

Lindsay K: It is exactly like those dreams where I show up at the airport and board the wrong flight and end up in a strange country with no money and no phone. Thanks for the encouragement!

Maha H: I wasn't counting down because I didn't want to know how little time I have to get my affairs in order hahaha.

Kirsten: Thanks for the tips...I remember backpacking aroung Europe in my converse and after about a month I did end up having to buy a second pair of shoes from the rain.

Eileen: Thanks! It better!

f: Thanks for the advice. I have one windbreaker that I have only ever used on mountain-climbing trips, hahaha. Maybe I'll just make do with a decent jacket and an umbrella.
Ammu said…
If you have space constraints, maybe go with a jacket and a lightweight wool shawl? That should work.
Also, in berlin, I would highly recommend a visit to the holocaust museum. Words are not enough to express what a compelling experience it is.
petrichore said…
Enjoy your trip!

And don't forget a camera--we'd love to see your pics!

minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style
Anonymous said…
I'm away now myself - London and Munich. Different weather is such a little packing complication.
Your trip sounds so wonderful!

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