hitting the road

So my bags are packed and I'm ready to go, although I am worried about work, and repelled by the idea of another long flight.

I leave you with this great editorial from Monocle. I love this because it is a fantasy. Not the travel fantasias of couture in Morocco you find in the Vogues, but different kind of fantasy - the sleek, tidy, tasteful, discerning world of Monocle.

Travel, at times both exhilarating and disappointing, never looks like that for me, but I allow myself to fall in love with the Monocle world from time to time (in between those times it can be annoyingly serious for me), because well, one can hope.


Mark Sanders for Monocle issue 54, June 2012


Ammu said…
Have a lovely time!
Kate said…
Have a brilliant time! Try not to worry about the little stressful aspects of travelling; you'll only remember the good parts.
Joy said…
BON VOYAGE!!! love monocle.
petrichore said…
Ooh, lovely article.

Enjoy your trip!
nanashi said…
enjoy the vacation! love the monocle shots, they are impeccable.
Sonia said…
Make a good trip and enjoy your time in Europe! Xx
Maja H said…
Have a great trip, Lin! Can't wait to read about it when you're back :)
caroline said…
monocle is such a great magazine for traveling. love that magazine.
Fen said…
wowie, have an amazing time! :) I have never seen this magazine before but now I'm itching to get hold of one - although travelling is NEVER this glam when I do it, more hot and sweaty and filled with m&m's and coffee and bags under my eyes... x
lapindelune said…
Love the look of this magazine - had not heard of it previously. Always so much to discover and ponder through your blog, Lin. So ice to catch up!

Have a wonderful trip! x
miss sophie said…
bon voyage!! looking forward to your posts on your adventures soon :D
I'd love to travel like the photos in the magazine. Well, in my dreams that is :P Most of the time, I look frazzled and tired. Your itinerary looks fantastic. I haven't been to Czech nor Germany, other than being stuck in Frankfurt airport. Can't wait to hear more about your travels.
Thanks for that lovely photos. This travel magazine is so interesting. This is a common scenario while we are on travel.
Nay'Chelle said…
Have an amazing time! These photos are great travel wear - without looking like a tourist - inspiration. The one with the scarf is a nice bit of inspiration for how to tie a silk one I purchased a while ago.
Anonymous said…
a belated bon voyage (i've just returned).
i spent my return flight daydreaming about what to pack for my next (as-of-yet-theoretical) trip.
helin said…
the Monocle shoot is in ─░stanbul... they captured its soul very well. it's so humid here in the summer that it's difficult to work and be so fresh at the same time. but hey, we try :)
My hubby introduced Monocle to me. He's certainly a lot more fashion forward than I am. I love it more than Vogue, Elle etc etc combined. I wish I look like that when I'm traveling but I'm lucky if my hair doesn't frizz or my clothes aren't splattered with stains.

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