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William Claxton

T-shirts are practical, classic, versatile, unpretentious - I can't think of many garments like that. When I see a person in a t-shirt, I feel like I can see that person for who he or she is. They are worn as the wearer sees fit and can be found anywhere at any price - how many garments are that democratically liberating?

Like most clothes I like, t-shirts began life as a useful garment. Evolved from 19th century underwear, it became popular in the US when the US Navy issued them.

I had to use that Steve McQueen picture because I love a man who knows how to wear a t-shirt with aplomb . But here's a trio by Maya Villiger I couldn't bear to leave out. Yes everyone wears it their own way, but I identify with these best because I love that playful, unfussy spirit.

Zoe Tee

Part of my mind has already left for that highly-anticipated scuba-diving trip, so it's no surprise images like this are inspiring me more than usual as I get dressed these days.

Pictures from Demont Photo Management via Luxist, and Turned Out


Milly said…
I love a great tee..I'm always on the quest for a perfect one!x
Joy said…
i love stealing my mother's stash of plain CK white tees. they're the BOMB.
petrichore said…
I love the white sailor pants with the laces that the first girl is wearing!

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Eileen said…
take care and have fun!!
Amanda said…
Oh, Steve McQueen. Such a rare breed these days. =) Have fun on your trip -- t-shirt or no! *Wink*
miss sophie said…
enjoy your trip!! you always have the most adventurous itineraries :)
CamisaBlanca said…
I hope you have a great time! I've started to feel way you do with tees about oxford shirts. On the right people I feel they convey the same nonchalance.
hannah-rose said…
The second girl you posted with the plait is Caroline from BRVTVS! I interviewed her in NYC and oh my does she wear tee shirts like it's a full time job. I like big, baggy tee shirts with tapered trousers, that's my summer silhouette of choice. I'm wearing it now!!


ps. steve mcqueen is delicious :)
Fashion Tidbits said…
i love the simple tee!!! it helps if there's a nice, toned body underneath too ;P
Absolutely agree with you...Ts apart from everything else are the most comfortable wears too.Nice to sport them with Jeans or dark tights of any colour.

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