notes for march

James Bowden
  • As I count down to my trip in April, I'm subtly dressing like I'm going to be barefoot in the sand every day. Slouchy t-shirts, with long skinny sleeves that cover my arms to the knuckles, the way I like it after a day in the sun. Flip-flops or flat sandals. I disguise all this with a blazer at work.
  • I really like the Massimo Dutti spring collection – full of the things they do well, like chunky knits in cotton-linen, lightweight partially-lined blazers, soft ballet flats. Warm weather staples.
  • That great fall collection by Dries Van Noten. Every few years I see a runway collection that I actually relate to, and this is one of them.
  • I’m still listening to Feist every day. I saw her live last month and she was a master class in performing live – no banal reproductions of what's in the albums. She banters, riffs on her songs, makes you feel great to be there. I can’t recommend her most recent album "Metals" enough. Check out this video.
  • More randomly, Middle Earth, here I come! A very good friend of mine who lives in New Zealand is getting married in December, and a bunch of us will take the opportunity to make a road trip to look for hobbit holes.
  • Speaking of fantasy, the Simpsons' "Game of Thrones" intro . Love "The Couch".
How's March shaping up for everyone?

Picture from latitudinal tales


Fen said…
so jealous that you're going to New Zealand, I bet it's amazing! :) I love the current Massimo Dutti collection, the colours and textures are wonderful. I'm totally head over heels for an orange (of all colours!) parka coat on their website.
Maja H said…
I loved the Game of Thrones intro as well, and good god, you're going to Hobbitun? So jealous! My march is pleasantly average, which is perfect, because April will be a blast! :)
lin said…
Fen: I'm crushing a navy silk linen blazer, which is more weather appropriate than my current blazer. But it's not something I need so I'm just seeing where this crush goes.

Maja H: Can't wait to hear all about your April :)
The non-Simpsons GoT theme song is my alarm tone every morning, it makes me feel like I should be riding into battle instead of my much more mundane morning activities!

New Zealand, how exciting! You might actually be there for the premiere of The Hobbit, it's in December and the world premiere will be in NZ.
A├»ssa said…
It's so wonderful to have prospects of trips and discoveries ahead!
I clicked the link and checked Massimo Dutti's things but I really shouldn't... March has been filled with good shopping.
Grinned and laughed out loud in front of the Simpsons GoT pastiche intro! Thanks!
Amanda said…
Oh man New Zealand! I'm ultra jealous. Japan and New Zealand are the two places I need to visit in the next 5 years - although considering how much air travel costs these days, it seems like a far-fetched idea.
Joy said…
love your links! say high to the sherlock actors should you spy them! the pic is TOTAL inspiration for spring/summer.
lin said…
koko: Not a bad way to start the day!

I didnt know the premiere was the end of this year! But I hope it doesnt mean we'll spend our holiday with an extra-big flood of other LOTR lovers.

Aissa: It definitely is. Travel is where all my money disappears to but I don't regret it ever.

Love how random and yet spot on The Simpsons are.

Amanda: Yes, which is why I must make the most of this trip. The cost from Singapore is higher than flying to Europe, and it's a shorter flight!

Joy: Thanks! Speaking of Sherlock, I've started on the series. But trying to save them for weekends or else I will end up staying up all night!
Ammu said…
Oh I went to New Zealand last summer - it's crazy how beautiful it is. You will have a fantastic time. Where all will you be going?
miss sophie said…
sounds like you're going to have an amazing time in NZ! i loved DvN's collection last spring - he just keeps putting out gorgeous prints and colors. definitely want to own a dream piece from his line someday.

slouchy tees will always have a space in my closet :)
LN said…
Love this image in so many ways. I'm jealous of your trip to New Zealand! I agree with Aissa - half the fun of a trip is the anticipation of it.

Also, I love the Massimo Dutti collection - they are new to me. I got more inspiration on pairings for my leather jacket, too. :)
lin said…
Ammu: I'm mostly going to be on South Island I think, since I'm headed for Christchurch. But I'm aiming for about two weeks off so shall see what I can manage.

miss sophie: Me too, a DVN piece is something I dream off.

LN: Hope to see how some of that inspiration works out over on your blog!
Elaine said…
So cool that you're coming to New Zealand! I live thirty minutes away from the hobbit set and a friend and I auditioned as extras, she got in and got to wear the cool costume and see all my idols and I didn't which sucked! Where abouts are you staying? Auckland Wellington or Hamilton?
lin said…
Elaine: I'll be on South Island for the entire trip actually, as my friend's wedding is in Wanaka, and she also lives in Christchurch.

That must have been so fun for your friend! My friend is very petite and thought she would make a good hobbit but we agreed that there are no Chinese-looking hobbits...

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