inspiration vs productivity


In an instance of procrastination at its finest, I took inspiration in a call by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and created "pairs" suggestions for his upcoming book (instead of doing my work).

I bothered to send them in because after I read that post, and saw the picture of the model in the striped fur jacket (above, right) some days after, I immediately remembered one of his past photos (above, left) that I love because I consider it to be among the perfect combination of colours out there.

And then yesterday, I was reading an old issue of GQ and saw one of the pictures he took for the magazine of that handsome dude in navy (below, right), and thought of one of his pictures from last year (below, left). There is a sporty elegance to both, almost offhand, and also, I love navy ensembles.


So, since the inspiration lightning struck twice, and I had work that I didn't want to do, I made quick work of putting them side by side in a word file, and sent them in. Also, I wrote this post. And then I'm going to have lunch after this. Productive!

Do you think the call by Scott Schuman is crowd-sourcing at its finest, or a lazy move on his part? One could make a fair case for both, but personally, I see all his images for free, and use them on this blog sometimes, so it seems niggly to me to accuse him of stealing other people's inspiration.

Also, I'm managing my time so poorly today.


Eileen said…
Seriously the first pair is going to get my vote!! Good eye, Lin!

I love the colours too, esp how the olive complements the rich navy.
indigo16 said…
The first pair is a really beauty, and no I think we have all used images from his blog, so why should we not feed a few ideas back? Sadly his website is blocked at work, so I am far less distracted by it than I used to be, but I may log on at home for a peek instead. It is strange that no matter how ubiquitous stripes become I still can't get enough of them.
Anonymous said…
I think its sheer laziness from Schuman's part. He is popular and he knows it, he makes lots of money from advertising on his blog, so the fact that you use his photos occcasionally (crediting him, right?) only increase his populalrity...
lin said…
Eileen: Thanks! Yes, navy and khaki is a terrific combination - it's somehow smart and rugged at the same time.

indigo16: That's timeless for you. It's a graphic touch I can add to an outfit without it being too obtrusive. And I always think of the sea, which is a nice think to evoke, always.

anon: For me, crediting his pictures is not so much about spreading his popularity (though it has that effect), it's simply his right that we credit him, since he made that image.

His call may be considered a lazy one, but it's also voluntary, so it all comes down to individual decision on whether one decides to respond, knowing that it's done largely for Schuman's benefit. So I didn't have a problem with it.

I was quite interested in the reaction to it actually, but so far, only 40 comments to that post...
lapindelune said…
it could indeed be called laziness, but perhaps this is simply a fun move, a chance for him to connect with his readers........not sure what I believe, personally.
There's nothing necessarily wrong with this concept unless he chooses not to credit his readers' efforts when the book is released - which I am sure he will?

Also seconding the love of navy ensembles. This is me, most days, lately. I also think your parings are perfect, Lin, and we all need a little time to 'waste' now and again - there's an art to spending time non-productively, I've been working on it for years;)
Clementine said…
I don't think it's laziness - yes he makes a lot of money from his blog but he is continually posting amazing pictures. I think it's a fun idea to ask readers to pair images, since that will be inspired by personal preference and inspiration, so opening up for suggestions will probably bring in more varied and interesting results.

If we're going to complain about lazy bloggers, can we direct it at someone like Hanneli instead? She barely posts once a week, and now it seems like most of her posts are just redirects to vogue or promotions that she collaborated on. LAAAAME.

Anyway, this site rocks and I really love your image pairs, especially the first one. Thanks!
LN said…
These pairings are perfect. You have such a good eye, and good memory! I agree, I love the colors in the first pairing. And I love the rugged boots paired with all navy in the second - never would have thought to style them that way.
Maja H said…
Great pairs! I don't think Scott is being lazy - getting your audience involved in your projects is a really cool thing to do, and a very smart marketing move as well. It creates interest and is a fun little extra "thing" for both his blog and hid book :)
Anonymous said…
great selections!
i don't retain a sartorialist file in my brain, unfortunately - lousy memory.
as far as i'm concerned, he provides very fun visuals sometimes. nothing more and nothing less (essentially people-watching without leaving our desk, edited. so it's his audience who is lazy, no?). i like what you did here, however, with his work.
Cato said…
The first one is simply brilliant!! I must say I missed Schuman's call so far, need to have a look! As you said, he takes those wonderful pictures and shares them with us, so why not! Btw in American law there's some sort of fair use clause, isn't it? Because under German copyright law this posting pictures with giving a source is illegal, as long as the owner doesn't allow it. that's a thing I feel really uncomfortable with and a see a huge potential for trouble witha ll those reposting pages and blogs. sorry, that's kind of off-topic...
lin said…
lapindelune: I'm not sure what I believe either, haha, but it wouldn't bother me either way to be honest, because I decided it was fun first and foremost for myself.

I'm a bit annoyed that I haven't at least gotten an acknowledgment email of thanks after I sent it yesterday. That's just rude.

I wore all navy today, haha. It wa raining and it felt right. Interestingly, I realise all-navy reminds me of plumber uniforms, and also police, and firemen. I probably like it because I'm drawn to uniforms.

Clementine: Thanks, you are far too kind! I haven't looked at Hanneli's blog in a while, for the reasons you listed, haha.

LN: Thanks! I actually surprised myself by remembering. I think I just really liked the images when I saw them.

Maja H: I think what people make of this depends on how they feel about him in general, hahaha.

editor: Thanks! I have always enjoyed his work, and find that I go back to his blog when I have long stopped checking out others.

Cato: That's interesting...yes I've heard of fair use and dealing in the US, and we have fair dealing laws in Singapore, but I wouldn't like to be a test case haha.

I don't think it's off topic at all - I do wonder whether the fact that some people (me included), dont use it for commercial purposes, is any kind of defence at all. As such, I strive to use my own photos, but I'm not always successful.

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