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From "Pie in the Sky"

... from Josh Charles, whom I first crushed on in "Dead Poets Society" when I was 13, and love on "The Good Wife". He was interviewed on Mr Porter, and we appear to be style soulmates, because he says things like -

"I think my personal style has one trumping component: comfort. If it's not really comfortable or practical, it won't work for me. I will say that the older I get, the more I care about what I wear. But I tend to wear a lot of the same things. "

"I'm really a jeans person. That's my definitive staple, and everything builds around that. I always have to start from a place of wanting to feel comfortable. And once you nail that down, it will carry through in your attitude and the way you carry yourself. But when all else fails, I resort to my default trio: jeans, tennis shoes and a simple white T-shirt. "

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A said…
Thanks for posting that - it's a great reminder. I always used to feel the same but lost my way for a bit - and now wouldn't consider wearing something uncomfortable even for an event or presentation. Your goal is always to be the best possible version of yourself, not another abstract person, and that's worth remembering. I love the clothes in the edit too - Mr Porter is so much more appealing than Net-a-Porter.
Lapin de Lune said…
Words that I too can relate to with more conviction nowadays. And the process of realising this is something of a revelation, a freeing up of the self in many ways. I eventually discovered my 'default' to be that which I hadn't expected - that which I had even avoided for quite a long time...I wonder if the difference lies in our accepting that the 'idea' of what we desire to wear is often somewhat distanced from the 'reality' of what we ought to wear, what makes us feel truly ourselves and sartorially 'complete'.

Gee, that sounds odd in writing, I can never express is correctly! :)
Mari said…
That is really inspiring. I admire people who have a defined style. I guess that as a young professional, I mine is still developing.

I found your blog on Dead Fleurette and really like the insight in your content.

I just started doing something a bit rigid with my wardrobe and would love your opinion and advise on it. I desperately want a beautiful, but functional and well-adjusted wardrobe. I'm a bit of a nomad, by nature and by need. But I'm a young professional nomad working in an office directly under the command of some high-profile professionals. I also go on assignments from work to work with the public.

This Reformation matters because I'm a such clothes hoarder and my wardrobe has gotten way too big. This wardrobe needs to be down to a 10th of what it is before I have to move again, which will be with a roommate in the next city where I will be working.


-La Copine

A├»ssa said…
First things first: I can't wait for "The Good Wife" to start again. I want to know what happen next now that Alicia.... Ok, no spoiler ;)

I agree with Lapin de Lune. Once I've accepted some limitations in my life, meaning accepting my reality and not the influence of what's pictured in magazines or tv shows (thank you SATC!), my assessment of what I want/like reached a junction and to get back to the words of M. Charles, I'm comfortable with myself and what I wear.
Anonymous said…
Hello Lin, I chanced upon your blog and good to know you are a fellow Singaporean too! You write sooo well:) You have a refreshing point of view and I especially love that you love natural fabrics too!

Earlier on when we had the hot spell, I realised that I could not live a minute longer in my synthetic fabrics. I got rid of almost all of the polyester, chiffony stuff, save for a few special pieces for evenings. Now I am a 100% cotton/silk girl.

Are you a reporter?:)

lin said…
A: Agree. Sometimes being inspired by something can blind you and before you know it you're in something that isn't "you". I think people have different attitudes towards style, and I am strictly in the practical, comfortable camp.

Lapin de Lune: I understand what you mean perfectly :) I think I came to appreciate "real dressing" over "conceptual dressing". I love seeing people dress up but I'll leave that to them.

Mari: Thanks! Look forward to checking out your blog, it sounds like an interesting project.

Aissa: Me too! I rewatched some of season 1 and was struck by how good it was. Love all the characters, and Diane is so chic.

I agree with dressing for reality...and you do it very well :)

eil: Thanks, glad you enjoy my blog...I dont come across many local style-related bloggers and follow very few of them. And yes, once you wear only natural fabrics, synthetics are unbearable.

I work in journalism, in a manner of speaking...I prefer not to go into detail on that on my blog though, hope you don't mind :)

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