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Garance Dore

I like to slow down in the middle of the week to kick back and reflect, and also think ahead about what's next.

To do: Get more sleep, pay my taxes and get my work goals in order, and buy some nice coffee and snacks to keep at my desk so that I stop drinking the piss and Snickers they sell at the office.

What I did manage to do this week so far: Getting started on "Just Kids" by Patti Smith (a birthday present), going on a 10-km walk at a nature reserve near my house with a friend before work, and deciding against buying a sleeveless linen shirt in the Outnet clearance sale because although I would like a more upscale version of my old ASOS one, it has served me well enough over the years. One of the things I'm trying to do better when it comes to shopping is to resist the urge to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, when the item in question is not at all poor in quality and fit.

I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm going for yoga, and then kick back with a friend, watch "Captain America" and show her the spectacular blister I got from the walk (I don't understand how it happened, I wore thick, cushy socks).

I love this Garance Dore picture. I wouldn't wear tie-dye trousers, but I'll love to channel that easy, barefoot vibe.

How's everyone's week so far?

Picture from Garance Dore


miss sophie said…
your week sounds like its winding down nicely. mine has been busy and stressful. the countdown clock is ticking for me...and i need to start packing! :P
Ammu said…
Sounds like you have had a good week so far :) I am enjoying mine - just returned from holiday. Few days of work and then there's the weekend. Plan to enjoy every minute of it :)
A said…
I tend to find myself just rushing around... slowing down from time to time to reflect what you're actually doing seems like a very wise idea. Only this week I've spent mostly in my bed since I'm ill, maybe a hint that one has to slow down once in a while ;).
Anonymous said…
I read "Just Kids" earlier this year and loved it! Although I have never been a big Patti Smith fan - and didn't pay much attention to her, though understood her position as a huge influence in music - I was intrigued by the accolades the book received. I was so thoroughly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I have heard that the success of the book has spurred her on to write another book, possibly a continuation of "Just Kids." Love your blog! Helen
yanqin said…
miss sophie: well, i have to work on saturday, so my week isn't really winding down, haha.

what kind of work will you be doing, and where? it sounds like a very exciting time ahead.

ammu: oh, where did you go?

cato: I read somewhere that to de-stress, it's good to reflect on things you've managed to check off your list, rather then focusing on what's undone. It really does work, for me, especially when I'm going to bed. hope you're feeling better :)
yanqin said…
Helen: Just missed your comment as I was replying to others! Thanks, glad you like my blog :) And I'm not a Patti Smith fan either, but I'm surprised hown engrossed I've been in the book. I grew up in a completely different milieu and yet I feel like I understand completely where she's coming from, and immersed in the world she's describing.
lapindelune said…
I am a reader who has never commented until now, but I felt that I had to say how much I appreciate and love your posts. I'm really drawn to the way in which you ponder your clothing choices, the way you relate your thought processes, and the consideration you give to how clothes actually make you 'feel'. Very happy to have found your blog!
Camille said…
I'm a little late, but happy birthday! I was offered 'Just Kids' as a birthday present as well, and it's one of the most cherished presents I have ever received (I hope you're enjoying it as well). For that spectacular blister, if you're feeling a bit daring, here's a trick I learnt when I was dancing ballet: after draining the liquid from it, dab it with rubbing alcohol. It will hurt like hell for about thirty seconds, but afterwards you'll be able to wear any shoes comfortably if you put a simple bandage over it.
I am also having to talk myself down from the 'upgrade for the sake of upgrading' compulsion. Just because it doesn't have a "label" doesn't mean it's not good quality and more importantly a good fit.
I love the essence of that pic as well, while I too would never wear tie-dye pants I like the atmosphere of the image. If only it wasn't winter :(
yanqin said…
lapindelune: Hi thanks, that's some seriously high praise. I think that I sometimes over-think the topic of clothing and dressing, but I think going by the comments left by readers, I'm not alone.

Camille: I am enjoying it! And thanks for the tip, shall give it a try. I think the blister became so bad because it "reburst" forming and swelling during the walk and forming and swelling again.I'm lucky I dont have some kind of infection.

la fille mal gardee: Exactly! I think sometimes I get carried away by the "aspirational" factor and forget about the wasteful aspect.
Human Racing said…
Your week sounds like it will be pretty relaxing for the final stretch. I've been relaxing too, because I'm in between the end of an internship and restarting work at a summer camp. Right now I'm starting a book about the history of jazz music. Also, I know what you mean about not necessarily wanting to wear a specific piece, but wanting to channel its general vibe instead.
Ammu said…
Bangalore in south India - such perfect weather - 20 degrees, no A/C required :)
Lovely blog. Thank you for the reminder re not upgrading for the sake of upgrading! I'm weeding out my closet in preparation for a big move, and I'm finding it tempting to make some questionable investments to replace certain basics that are just fine (probably because I'm getting rid of so much).
yanqin said…
Austere: I am in the mood to relax, which isn't such a great idea, since we're entering some busy days next week, and I should be prepping and researching! But I'm not known for my drive.

Ammu: Whenever you talk about India, I feel like it's a mistake I haven't planned a trip there :) Need to correct that!

ACC: Thanks! I do feel a little guilty about the probably not very ethical origins of some of my clothes, and that sometimes pushes me to "upgrade" them, but buying more clothes is NOT the solution. Sometimes I can't believe how irrational my mind gets when it comes to shopping :)
How are you liking "Just Kids", so far? The book thoroughly surprised me, it really was a good read!

Those trousers are amazing ... would be like wearing a sunset, I suppose! And I'm always down with kicking it barefoot. I rarely wear shoes in summer (and at home, indoors, I go barefoot in winter too, despite the freezing temperatures outside). Of course, this sometimes this has it's disadvantages ... I did get a piece of glass embedded it my foot just the other day!

Hope your week is still going well. <3
A said…
Thank you, Lin! I'm actually feeling better and frankly speaking have been thinking about measures to de-stress myself, lately. (gosh, that sounds a little dramatic) Will try to do my best, after the holidays!
Pret a Porter P said…
I wasn’t very familiar with Patti Smith, aside from the Ann Demeulemeester connection, until I caught the tail end of her documentary. She wasn’t what I expected, even though I wouldn’t know what to expect. I found her very down to earth, normal, funny, easy going effortless person.

This picture kind of reminds me of the cabin of your Bali...? vacation.
Ammu said…
Yes you do! Come and visit :)
lifeisamaze said…
These pants are great !!
yanqin said…
susanna-cole king: I just finished it! I liked it and found it more moving than I expected. There was something very engaging about the whole thing that just made me feel like I was there.

I like the image of trousers as a sunset :)

cato: good to know you're better! i almost booked myself on a flight to japan to catch the summer sonic music festival because I needed a break - unfortunately tickets to the festival are sold out anyway....

ammu: I will!

lifeisamaze: On her, it certainly is.
Lindsay K said…
Looking at this picture makes me feel calm and very serene. There's an ease that she has that I would like to incorporate into my life. Thank you for posting this. It's a good reminder to relax.

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