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Sofia Coppola - always style inspiration to those of us who like uncomplicated dressing. It also reassures me that she dressed rather dubiously when she was younger too (not that it stopped her from racking up a enviable roster of beautiful boyfriends); we all start somewhere. The two outfits above are basically my uniforms for office, though I throw in the odd Converse.

I haven't been very interested in new clothes of late; I'm enjoying all the looks on La Garconne and Totokaelo, but anything I show more than a passing interest in always ends in the same thought: "I pretty much have something similar."

I suppose I have finally hit an equilibrium of finding a practical uniform and having enough variety of things I love to make getting dressed a simple , but enjoyable process. Little thrills to start the day on the right note.

I'm curious, does everyone love these moments of wardrobe equilibrium, or should I be worried that this actually precede a stage of boredom that will set off some manic shopping craving at a later date?

Pictures from zimbio and fashionologie


Lindsay K said…
I find both images intriguing. I had a pair of pants that are similar to the ones Sophia is wearing made and I have been living in them. Over the past few weeks I keep going back to the image on the right- it seems like the perfect way to dress to beat the heat.

I do like this idea of wardrobe equilibrium. There's something nice about knowing that regardless of the occassion, I have something that I love to wear and all my bases covered. I haven't experienced bordom yet because there is enough to work with within my closet.
editor said…
I appreciate her look, but I can better relate to Mr. Charles' philosophy in your previous post. She wears too many short hemlines for me to be inspired, because I would never be comfortable in them.
I am definitely, like you, at peace with my wardrobe. I hope, like you, this isn't merely a calm before the storm. I think/hope due to my age that my wardrobe is the result of consideration and, more importantly, self-knowledge, so I've hopefully turned a corner...until, you know, I enter a new stage. ;)
Anonymous said…
I can definately relate to Look 2. Sophia is someone who never fails to remind me that there is so much beauty in simplicity. I am attracted to the simple shift in neutral shades, particularly in tonal variations of white. Just that I would normally wear them with ballet flats. I should try them with converse too.. sounds like a great idea since I have 2 boys to chase around.

Its nice to reach an equilibrium where what you have serve your needs. A wardrobe with great basics would serve a woman at any point in her life as her needs evolve.

ps. sorry.. didnt mean to intrude the privacy regarding your job:)

I could easily see you in either of these looks. I suppose we all hit this equilibrium at one point in time, where nothing we see is better than what we already have.
Ammu said…
I know what you mean. I am actually going through a clear-out at the moment, which includes items I love looking at but never wear. It feels good to give them to someone who will love and enjoy them :)
Aïssa said…
Right now, I'm accumulating all sorts of inspiration pictures which are all in the same vein.
Because of all the new collections hitting the stores, I'm tempted to buy a few items but nothing leaves me restless.
I guess all this points out to a certain equilibrium: I have a precise idea of what I want and I'm sticking with what I have till I find the right item.
Joy said…
She is seriously so amazing and is my ultimate style goddess icon.
Camille said…
I have been having some kind of a wardrobe equilibrium moment as of late, but I am also getting a bit bored by my 'uniform'. It might be due to the fact I did not get to indulge in frivolous summery outfits due to a freezing workplace, and I have been shopping a lot lately out of boredom. I mean, I have been shopping a lot, but not buying-- I feel I already have the only things that interest me in shops. All this to say you're quite safe: the post-equilibrium crazy desire to shop resulted in nothing but one single new pair of pants in my case!
hannah-rose said…
so here's the thing. I'm also not shopping at the moment and am supposedly really content with my wardrobe/life. and what did I do on the weekend? I almost spent $900 at a store called bloodorange that is so beautiful and lovely and full of amazing things it makes me want to cry. Anyway long and self-pitying story short, I didn't spend that money and stay strong. But let me tell you, I have manic shopping craving after not spending for, oh, I don't know. 4 weeks? hmmmmmmmmmm....

lin said…
Lindsay K: I think having enough variety without going overboard is the trick...hopefully I'm close.

editor: I actually hope I can wear dresses that hit above the knee at that age and not look silly and inappropriate, haha. Yes I hope my present contentment lasts. I think it's become easier for me to resist beautiful things because I've come to dread the feeling of knowing you've caved in for something you'll never wear even more, that seems enough to put me off most shopping. For now anyway :)

eil: No worries! I'm not trying to hide anything, but Singapore is so small, haha. If there's anyway you'd like to ask me, drop me your email and I'll respond :)

I find Converse to be a very classic shoe, and there's something quite refreshing about shoes you don't worry about bashing up and you know you'll always find a pair to replace them.

Pret a Porter P: I hope this feeling lasts!

Ammu: I've set aside a few nice things I'm planning to give away, but I'll give myself until the end of the year to know for sure!

Aissa: I think what is fortunate is that I like simple clothes, and with simple clothes there's only so much variety before you find that you have what you need - like I only need so many blue shirts :)

Joy: I'm almost embarrassed by what a fangirl I am of her style, but she really does inspire me, haha. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Camille: That's reassuring to know! I pass plenty of shops regularly when I go for yoga but so far so good. I'm still happy with my uniform - I think I greatly enjoy the consistency because it seems that my novelty moments - like some of my print blouses - always pass and leave me feeling like, "well, that was a waste of money".

hannah-rose: I've learnt that it's never regrettable to put something down and walk out of the store to consider even for an extra hour... sometimes it's tempting to fall for the magic of the moment but I've rarely been wrong to resist. It sounds real heroic of you to have managed to restrain yourself! Whenever I feel that crazy urge to buy nothing in particular, I usually go put on something I dearly love as a reminder that I do have plenty of fabulous things, and not many things really come close when you think about it.
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh! I love her bags, especially the white one!!! Any clue what it is?


- Euphemia
lin said…
euphemia: Im afraid I have no idea! It could be vintage for all we know. It looks like something you might find from Rachel Comey or Jerome Dreyfuss.
Nanashi said…
I somewhat hit that stage, too. well, that coupled with the utter fact that I need to be cautious with my spending now. Have not shopped for anything since end of June and somehow all the summer sale no longer really speaks to me. the line between being content and being bored is thin, but I think it really is a matter of whether we see a good synthesis between our everyday lifestyle and what we built as a working wardrobe.
Anonymous said…
I totally get the "I pretty much have something similar" thought. I often feel like that with many basics. Sometimes I have found amazing quality second hand versions that fit the bill too. Good post.

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