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I've taken a fancy to shiny bags. I'm not sure when. Well, I've kind of always liked gold bags, and it was taking stock of my favourites bags every season that clued me in - I really really like shiny bags, especially in gold. Where I would never go in terms of clothes, I will go in terms of seriously flashy accessories.

Gold in particular, is a very versatile colour and goes with everything. I especially like it for day because it just seems like such a fun option - you can be wearing jeans and T-shirt and a gold bag or shoe just lifts the whole look. It's just such an extravagant touch for an ordinary day.

This Mulberry Bayswater bag was THE bag I lusted over last fall. I dreamt about it, and even once sort of followed a woman on the street who was toting it just to get a better look.

This year, it's this Chanel that really does it for me. I can't decide between the sizes, but it's the slouchy shape of the bag that really appeals - it makes you want to hug it.

I've always liked snakeskin, and this Gucci is also very cool in a retro rock 'n' roll way.

Some time back it was this pearly gold Fendi Spy that had me in convulsions -

Right now it's this molten-gold B.Fendi, which looks like it'd melt into a gorgeous drool-worthy puddle. The pleated gold one is also nice if you want something less shiny.

There was the Chloe Paddington, which in brown looks very classic and almost kind of bohemian, but takes on a whole new luxe dimension in gold -

Silver, which I've never liked as much, also suddenly looked very appealing this season, and probably will for some time, given the futuristic looks winging our way the coming spring.

This Louis Vuitton also comes in gold, and it's great in a "so-bad-it's-good" way.

It really looks like it'd melt in your hand, like tha scary robot played in Terminator II that could melt and morph into anything it touched. The Gucci below also appeals on the same note -

And I wonder if the folks at Fendi took any time at all to arrive at this perfect hue of silver for this bag -

The details are great - a great mix of textures with velvet trimmings, a fine chain strap, and embroidered buckles.

And this Marc Jacobs in anthracite is all darker, edgier glamour.

I've also taken a shine to patent this season, and it was this funny Chanel one that rocked my boat and started it all -

I like how it kind of looks like a trash bag, how it has no regular shape, and how it looks it fits cushily under your arm. If I were looking for a designer novelty item, I would buy this bag.

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