dressing oneself

I've been coming across all these articles about personal style a lot, and lots of articles slamming stylists like Rachel Zoe for killing personal style.

There are tonnes of magazines out there celebrating the personal style of celebrities, but I don't really buy that anymore because celebrities are just starting to look more and more perfect to me - they don't surprise or impress anymore.

I've always rather enjoyed flipping through the society pictures instead - featuring socialites and It girls, some of whom really have a very distinct style of dress. Not all do of course, a lot of them are fashion victims as well, but at least I think it's safe to assume that those who dress well didn't have a stylist right? That good taste exists somewhere in this world right?

In particular, I like how the Traina sisters dress. The complete opposite of the Hilton sisters, who think carrying an It bag equals good taste and style. The Traina sisters don't appear in magazines a lot (although come to think of it, for people not actually famous anything except that they are daughters of novelist Danielle Steele, they do pop up quite a bit), but when they do, it always makes me feel badly dress. They just have the extra something that makes clothes seem so easy on them - it never looks like they are trying too hard.

I especially love this dress. I've seen pictures of the lovely-but-kind-fashion-victim-y Diane Kruger in this dress, but it's Ms Traina I want to look like in it.

In contrast, oft-lauded "fashion icons" like Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan always look like they are trying too hard.

I used to like Sienna Miller. When she first started appearing in the mainstream consciousness, she always looked pretty nice and seemed to have more personality than your usual starlet.

Then she cut her hair and looked cooler still.

Then she decided to change her look and things kind of went pear-shaped from there.

This is called trying too hard. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just bad taste, because bad taste is still subjective right? But trying to prove that your style is unique and you're totally ahead of the curve and you set trends is just a little sad.

Ms Miller still has her good moments, like here in this Burberry number, but it's kind of sad how she doesn't look as fresh as she used too - why is her skin so shiny and raw looking, and her face so puffy? It just lacks spontanaeity.

Then there's Lindsay Lohan, who I imagine, fancies herself as edgy, when she mostly looks like a fashion victim. Ms Lohan could be wearing a dress I completely coveted until she puts in on and ruins it for me.

I mean, this is a perfectly nice dress, but why does it looks so...tired on her?

I've seen a picture of Kirsten Dunst in this and it looked equal parts chic and quirky on her, but Ms Lohan can't quite pull it off -

Sure, she has her good days when she looks kind of cute -

But then it'll be followed by something really sad like this -

Isn't it strange how she has the same stylist as Nicole Richie but Ms Richie usually looks mich better than her? Maybe the influence of Rachel Zoe isn't that big after all - she can't save Ms Lohan from sartorial hell. Or maybe Ms Zoe IS responsible for those clothes, and Ms Lohan actually likes them - which means she has bad taste AND tries too hard. Sad. And she's actually not too bad an actress, so it's kind of distracting. Maybe back in those days where movie stars had decent behavior clauses in their contracts with studios made a bit of sense. The world is a better place without a glimpse of dear Ms Lohan's crotch right?


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