my prom?

So my sister has been banging on and on about the perfect outfit for her prom night, which got me reminiscing about what I wore for prom. Nothing fabulous I'm afraid. I wasn't all that interested in dressing myself when I was 18. Weird, isn't it, considering I've been an ardent reader of British and American Vogue and American Elle and I occasionally bought WWD (not that easy to get in Singapore)?

I supposed I was obsessed with haute couture and because it's laughable to even try to find the equivalent on Orchard Road (unless you're blessed with lots of money in the bank, which I'm not), I didn't try very hard when it came down to shopping for myself. With my weekdays spent in a school uniform and weekends spent working or having running practice, I didn't seem to need clothes.

So I've been rather wistfully thinking about what I would have worn to prom if money were no object and I had already discovered my personal aesthetic preferences.

Well, let's see, if I were making entrance at an event similar to the Hotel de Crillon's Bals de Debutantes (debutante's ball) in occasion, I might opt for something elegant from Chanel Haute Couture-

The jacket has a kind of a severe Edwardian touch, but there's a lightness to the whole outfit. It's so beautiful, I would wear it for my wedding.

For a little more drama, I would opt for this Oscar de la Renta -

Love the vivid hue, and I would swap the matching boots for a similar style in black. The style of the dress is kind of conservative and traditional but I don't know, on a young person it actually feels kind of rebellious.

That, or this saffron yellow Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.

I wished I had seen some celebrity wearing a dress like this on the red carpet. The colour is so vibrant and the style so festive.

But, a school prom is hardly on the same scale. So, moving down on scale of realism, I would pick this Lanvin dress for the dinner -

Such a simple shape but such an exuberant colour and texture. I would wear them with superhigh and shiny patent pumps and black opaque leggings.

For clubbing afterwards - because costume changes isn't just for the famous - I might swop for this Proenza Schouler outfit -

But then I might love the Lanvin so much that I don't want to change out of it. In fact, if I swopped the full-length leggings for cropped version and changed to peeptoe pumps, it would less cocktail/dinner and more Zouk no?

Accessories are easy; it's always a classic Chanel purse for me -

Well, that's my imaginary prom settled.

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