perfect 10 (for now)

Miss Sophie suggested I share what my 10 wardrobe essentials were. I don't think my essentials are going to be terribly exciting - they're basically what you'd expect to see on any "essentials" list.

So I decided to just share the 10 things in my wardrobe I'm constantly reaching for at the moment. I have a cyclical way of wearing things where I rotate between wearing certain things to death and then moving on and then back again. These items fall into the general categories of essentials I like to see in my closet, even though the items change according to whatever I'm "feeling".

1 + 2) Massimo Dutti casual button-down shirts


It's so easy, putting on a casual button-down for everyday. I always thought of shirts as being a bit of a bother, requiring really good ironing, but my shirt in casual cotton is as easy as a T-shirt and the blue and white check just cheers me up. The navy silk I bought last year is just perfect- it doesn't need ironing and it feel so good on the skin, and the colour is rich and beautiful.

3 + 4) T-shirts


I'm really relishing wearing these to work again. I always feel completely myself in one. I don't buy them from any particular brand, I just stock up whenever I think one has reached "pajama" status. Right now, these from Zara and Massimo Dutti feel just right in terms of neckline, the way they fall, the weight of the material.

5 + 6 + 7) Jeans


I have one pair of dark skinnys that are useful because they're more work appropriate but I much preferred my distressed, broken-in pairs, made of proper, hefty denim (not just stretchy cotton). I think I'm just feeling the faded, worn-in feel a lot more than chic dark washes. These are from Diesel and G-Star and I've been wearing some of them for almost 6 years now. They're in the straight/skinny fit I feel most comfortable in.

8) YSL Tribute tote


Except for days where I need to lug around workout clothes, I've pretty much settled into this as my regular bag (bag for work-out days is my Longchamp messenger tote). I'm so happy with this that I've pretty much stopped crushing carry-alls.

9) Zara ballet flats


My sister gave these to me because she decided they didn't suit her. Her loss, my gain. They are spectacularly comfortable, made of a very soft sturdy leather, and super cushy pebbled soles á la Tod's. I'll be pretty sad when these get worn out.

10) Cartier Tank Solo


I go crazy if I don't know the time and I don't see how taking your phone out of the bag or pocket to check the time is more efficient than glancing at your watch. I'm loving my Cartier Tank, which I bought myself, because you know, I'm worth it. Someday, I may even buy a watch with exceptional, collector-level workmanship because I really love the craftsmanship of watch-making, but that's a fantasy for another day.

There are other essentials in my closet (stripes, a grey jacket, a linen dress) but right now, it seems like I don't wear anything else...


oh i would love a navy silk shirt. very difficult to find in my neck of the woods. sigh. i love your choices, they look comfy, stylish and well loved :)
Angie said…
I like how you shop from massimo and zara because right now I have no buget for nothing else.Even so it takes me so much time to collect a decent amount.But I don't complain.This month my son's birthday present was a priority.My quest for now is to collect money and find the perfect fit slim or cigarette pants from zara
Unknown said…
OH!!! ;)0
Alexandra said…
Golly, I am so in love with your watch.
nanashi said…
nice selection, and the comments about shirts I totally agree, I thought it was a hassle, but they are one of the best things to just grab and toss on and go. love the bag and the watch. I'm still keeping my special watch in my parent's home because I feel like I can't pull off wearing it yet.
Lindsay K said…
Excellent wardrobe essentials. All of your items look very pulled together, but comfortable too. I'm more in love with your watch every time I see it.
Vegalyn said…
I have both shirts from Massimo Dutti as well, except for the silk one I got it in khaki instead of marine blue.

Love the watch !
asha said…
I am loving these "classic/essential ten" posts! Each one is the tiniest bit different, it's so interesting to peek into people's wardrobes. I love your watch, by the way. Just gorgeous.
hannah-rose said…
i love the way you've photographed this.. gives a sense of how loved each piece is! i love peeking into people's wardrobes and their favourite things.. is that nosy haha?

Meri said…
These seem like really good basics and similar to the ones I would have. I just need to expand my collection of casual button downs, I think I will be heading to Massimo Dutti soon. I really like the shirts you have, especially the silk one. It always feel so luxurious to wear something in silk, even when you are dressed casually.
I am in a need for some good t shirts, I love the neckline on yours so now I think I definitely have to visit Massimo Dutti very soon.

Your watch is beautiful, I would be so lost without my watch because I wear it all the time. I have to put it on quickly after showering as well, I feel so naked without my watch.
son said…
ive been really taken with massimo dutti's silk tops & blouses recently - don't know if its a case of me just noticing it, but do think they're rather an affordable luxury. can only echo everyone's admiration of the tank, its gorgeous. does the tribute fit very much? it looks very smart but also, unusually, very practical
Kate said…
i love this sort of post. and your button down shirts, they look so soft and comfy.
Fashion Tidbits said…
ahhhh i really adore all your basics. agree with you esp. on the button downs-they're so comfortable and non-fussy. super jealous that you have a Cartier~! i love watches too
Fashion Tidbits said…
i have another question regarding your make-up post below. What is you personal opinion of the Shu Uemura Depsea Replenishing Emulsion? I've never used Shu Uemura products before and i was thinking it could be an option for my next moisturizer.....
Ginta said…
That navy silk shirt looks absolutely perfect!
I've been looking for a silk shirt myself too! Finally found good one in COS but ripped the seam on the very first time I wore it! Not cool! Not cool at all! Let's see what seamstress can do about that!
Garderoben said…
Thanks for sharing! I love your watch, I wish I had the patience to save up for something like that.
onlycoolcats said…
Tanks,jeans, ballet flats and good bag and watch. That's what I like the most about daily outfit.
miss sophie said…
ah, i love your picks! very easy and effortless pieces that no doubt travel well too! your Cartier watch is divine...and i may have to take another look at Zara flats. i also can't stop wearing my j.crew t-shirts that are super soft yet durable. there's nothing like a pajammy tee to start off your outfit!
The Bohemienne said…
The YSL tote is stunning--such supple-looking leather and classic, gorgeous lines.

I am still on the hunt for my perfect black and white t-shirts!
yanqin said…
Pret a Porter P: I get lucky with Zara shoes most of the time, hope it keeps up! Strangely enough, these shoes only popped up during the sale in January...

I love the blue crown and hands too, brings the watch to life.

La mal fille Gardée: Thanks! Nice navy things are quite hard to find in general, so I keep a special eye out for them. Massimo Dutti is still making the shirt this season...

angie: Generally I don't spend too much on clothes and I prefer affordable brands...I save up if there's some big ticket I want. I hope you find those trousers!

If Jane: :)

Alexandra: Thanks, I love that it's something I can wear everyday regardless of season or occasion.

Nanashi: Thanks, I enjoyed looking at your selection too! You should take your watch out for practice run soon!
yanqin said…
Lindsay K: Thanks, comfortable and pulled together is exactly what I'm aiming for.

Vegalyn: Cool! I think the navy one is also available in cream this season, too bad I don't need a cream one. I love how easy to care for the shirt is.

Asha: Thanks, I've been enjoying such posts too, including yours!

hannah-rose: Thanks! I took inspiration from J Crew catalogues when I was arranging my clothes, haha. And I'm nosy too, haha. I think clothes always look more interesting on real people and their wardrobes than in magazines or runways, they seem more alive and I love that.

Meri: Thanks. Massimo Dutti is definitely worth a visit for all the great basics and classic clothes they make...they use ice fabrics, which is a big plus for the price.

son: I shop way too much at Massimo Dutti, I like their classic, preppy vibe and I think their clothes are great quality for the price. It's more expensive here in Singapore than in Europe though.

The Tribute fits a laptop; it looks flat but the sides and bottom actually expands out quite a bit. It's also not super heavy like most designer bags. I love it.

Kate: Thanks, they are!

Fashion Tidbits: Thanks! I really like Shu Uemura products...the depsea emulsion is good, but it's quite light, which is good for the tropics but maybe too light for drier climates, but I think they also made a heavier version in the same series.

Ginta: That's a bummer, I do hope it can be fixed!

Garderoben: I enjoyed your post on essentials too. I find it easy to save for things I really really want, because usually at that point there are very few other things I want.

onlycoolcats: Sound cool, and it's the kind of outfit that can be personalised easily.

miss sophie: Thanks! Comfort is super important to me, so I'm definitely enthusiastic about such T-shirts!

The Bohemienne: I love the clean, graphic lines as well, and that it's also very pliable and practical at the same time.

I don't think the T-shirt hunt ever ends...
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with the 'watch' essential - I don't think I can leave the house w/o a watch on my wrist. (:

S said…
I love your classic ten, thanks for sharing. Everything has a perfect ease about them ... no pretension, just good, comfortable clothes for a person who lives in the real world. More and more, this is also how I want to dress.

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