shopping reflections, February


And just like that, it's March. January dragged on forever, but February simply slipped in and out.

I remember thinking in January that I would like to stop buying so much this year (as I do every start of the year), and so I decided to lower my shopping budget - I capped it at S$100 each month, with the unspent amount each month to be rolled over.

In the first two months of the year, the only thing I bought was the high-waist Uniqlo U jeans (pictured above) that I had my eye on right from the moment the look book was launched.

At S$59.90, I kept well within my budget. I have the same style in cotton from last year, and I love the fit, so it didn't take much to convince me to buy these in dark denim. Unfortunately, I wish I bought these denim ones a size larger. They fit great when I tried them on but feel a tad constrictive when worn all day. But the style has sold out in all sizes, so that ship has sailed. I'm happily wearing them at last once a week, but darn, they could have been perfect, instead of merely close to perfect.

In other news, I had an old Apiece Apart blouse (also pictured above) taken in by a tailor. I bought it in a sale four years ago and never wore it because it was huge and I was swimming in it. It's still not the most versatile piece as it is quite cropped and works only with truly high-waist garments. But it is a lovely blouse - the sharpness of the lapels against the airy cotton is very pleasing visually - and it's a comfortable garment in this heat. Really happy I could make this work.

I was a bit disappointed by some of my other alteration projects though - I worked on two skirts but couldn't get the fit right, so I'm taking them to my tailor for professional intervention.

Temptations abound, of course. I really want this linen camisole from NotPerfectLinen; I've been yearning for a replacement for my ancient one and I know the NPL one will be lovely; the question is whether I want to stick to classic white, or add some subtle colour to my wardrobe. I can take my time to decide though; it's nice to not have to rush into buying something, knowing the brand's designs stick around regardless of season.

I was initially excited that the Alabama Chanin x Elizabeth Suzann collab would be back in stock, as I love the Louise funnel neck top in black - so chic. But after some thought I decided to pass, as I greatly prefer the look of the long-sleeved version but it is not at all practical for my lifestyle in Singapore.

Instead, I finally placed an order for the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde jumpsuit, sparked by the 10 per cent off code they were offering to celebrate the one year anniversary of their Clothing Is... campaign. I've been sitting on the fence about this jumpsuit for some time and I figured I might as well get it out of my system to see if it works for me. I also feel encouraged that there is a thriving resale market for ES garments, so it's not a complete loss if it doesn't work out.

I'm actually very excited by it. Initally I wanted it in navy midweight linen (discontinued at the moment), but my favourite images of the style were always in natural cotton canvas, especially these ones of artist Emily Leonard.

Buying the jumpsuit has wiped out my shopping budget till May, which I suppose shuts down any question of shopping for now.

Shopping (as of March 1) - 

  1. Uniqlo U jeans - S$59.90
  2. Elizabeth Suzann jumpsuit - ~ S$334 (US$247.50)


Pret a Porter P said…
that blouse is beautiful.
Jessica said…
I hate it when that happens. When you wait too long to purchase something and then it’s too late. I had my eyes on a pair of Topshop jeans in a larger size but kept postponing the purchase. So now I’ll just have to loose some weight. No, just kidding. I love the blouse. Looks wonderful.
margo said…
the jeans form a billowing fupa. wrong size?
Unknown said…
The neckline and sleeves of that top are just so good.
MC Bontemps said…
The neckline of your little blouse is just right - feminine but not fussy.

I myself find cropped tops under-appreciated as a wardrobe staple. Yes, they are the best match for the current preference for high-waisted everything, but they work so well with so much else. The key is a slightly boxy shape (no darts, no tapering) and a length which grazes the hipbones, so that the wearer's waist is indicated, but not constricted (nothing to tuck in). My hardest-working ones are white cotton (nice-quality men's shirting), no sleeves - they look as good with a suit as with a breezy skirt and sandals.
Lakshmi said…
I love reading Liz's thoughts on the ES blog. Her Instagram profile is great too. She writes in such a thoughtful manner about design, form and fabric... I have often considered if I want to buy any of the clothes on ES. But they feel a tad expensive, and I am not 100% sure if it's my style. So I have been admiring them from afar. Good luck with Clyde! It is so popular, I hope you love it. :)
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I like it a lot more after I altered it. The design has longer sleeves but that didn't suit me.

Jessica: Well, I suppose sometimes it is money saved!

Margo: I had to google "fupa", hah. Maybe it's the way it looks in the photograph but I don't think it looks "billowing" in real life. I do wish these jeans were a size bigger though.

Unknown: I love the neckline too. Not something I come across often.

MC Bontemps: Agree. Cropped tops are wonderful for hot weather too...much more ventilating than long tops. I'm a bit wary of purchasing too many as I have lots of bottoms that are only mid-rise.

Lakshmi: Yes she expresses her thoughts on clothing very eloquently. I find ES expensive too and about 90% of what they make aren't my style. I was really impressed by the fabric of my secondhand Clyde dress though so I felt the Clyde jumpsuit, which I've liked for a long time, could be worth a shot.
Sarah Winton said…
$100 per month is a totally reasonable amount! I've tried no shopping at all but something like that is much more realistic.
lin said…
Sarah: Yeah, I know I'll always have my eye on something, so I might as well give myself to work with, and try and use that as intentionally as possible, which sometimes means not at all.
MarieG said…

Could you tell me what's the brand of your sandals please?

They are fabolous
lin said…
Maria G: They're Bimba & Lola, from 2018

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