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When my I finally accepted the fact that it was time to part ways with my filthy Converse trainers last year - the filthiness was tolerable to me, the rip on one side made it impractical - I got a new pair. I've always loved trainers, and my Chucks (classic low tops) had been a faithful companion for about seven good years. Getting a new pair reminded me of the freshness a new pair of white trainers added to clothing. My old ones had lots of character no doubt but a clean new pair took my same old outfits in a new direction - zippier, sporty but more pulled-together.

First, I bought a model hilariously named the Dainty (above). It is less chunky than the classic All-Stars and cut lower at the ankle, and something of a refreshing change for big-footed girls like me. I love it mainly for its off-white-and-navy colourway. I'd always gone for the off-white with blue and red trim, and losing the red seems to make for a more understated vibe. I loved and wore it frequently, especially on holidays.

This happy trainer update opened me to the idea of a more "formal" variation on the theme - plain white leather Jack Purcells. Jack Purcells (owned by Converse since the 1970s) look a little more grown-up and in white leather, they are very much in line with the currently fashionable Common Projects/Adidas Stan Smiths look.


They're also more comfortable than classic Chucks (but I'm not comparing against the latest version with Nike sole technology) and the quality in my opinion is better than the Stan Smiths. I especially love how they look with dresses and tailored trousers and shirts for work.

Incidentally, January is always shoe-buying month for me - it coincides with the sales so it's good for snapping up a bargain. Also, I've always felt Chinese New Year (in Feb) calls for new shoes so unconsciously I start looking out.

It's also the time of the year where I delude myself into thinking maybe a sweater dress isn't all that impractical in Singapore (because so many are going on sweet discounts and look so awesome). But I've not made that mistake this year so far, and hope to keep it that away.

Another shopping resolution for the year: Rein in the tendency to shop my feelings. It's been going on for about 18 months now and it needs to stop.


Pret a Porter P said…
Time to make new adventures with the sneakers.
Anna said…
I love Converse, I used to have a low cut white pair but always preferred the look of the off white. Then I made the decision to upgrade to something else and went for Supergas. Unfortunately I got mine horribly stained and retired them quickly. They looked odd and not at all classy. Now I am thinking about getting either a pair of those Jack Purcells (because I need a comfortable sole) or another pair of Supergas. Decisions, decisions.
Ellya said…
Just like you, I live in my converse too. I currently have a pair that has lasted me for about 4 years. They look disgusting (I used to work in the kitchen of a restaurant while wearing them) alright but I can't bear to chuck them away. I started wearing them since I was in elementary school but always go for the classic style. Maybe once I can bring myself to part with my current pair, I will try the new one with the Nike sole. They look much more comfortable than the one I have :)
Archana said…
Ironically, My white sneakers went away in the donation pile in what I call 'the last purge'. I couldnt incorporate them into my style and it was a love/hate thing for me.

But your look nice ! I love shoes that become nicer with wear and tear - converse and brown boots do that !
lin said…
pret a porter p: oh i sincerely hope so!

anna: i bought a pair of bensimons but after that fling i was ready to go back to converse. maybe converse are manufactured in a way that suits the local weather but the white rubber toe caps on the bensimons yellowed really quickly and the whole shoe looks terrible now (i have never had this problem with converse, asics or gram).

i can say the jack purcells really suit my foot, comfort-wise - i'm wondering why i bother with my other shoes, which are comfortable, but lag behind these.

ellya: they're my childhood shoe too - i think it's the one shoe crush that can be considered lifelong.

archana: i hope these age as well as converse!
A├»ssa said…
Both sneakers look so good and pristine! Especially like the navy piping of the first one complimentating your dress.

I've not kept up with Converse. As much as I like them, my feet just don't. I remember reading though that the "new" Chucks were made to be more comfortable. I might look that up for spring, they'd be a welcome change from the over popular Stan Smith.
Natalie said…
A pair of these are on my shopping list too - I tossed my previous filthy pair too after four years and walking in them nearly every day on my recent three-month trip. They always look good though.
lin said…
Aissa: more than one person has told me they don't find converse comfortable! i love that there's a trainer for everyone though. for example, superga doesn't work for me, and neither do i find them comfortable but they have a big following.

Natalie: i like wearing them with tailored clothes for the office - and i love that my office culture allows me to get away with that!

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